Sep 2, 2017

Oxfam India provides relief as 4.2 crore battle floods in India


Oxfam India is responding to the humanitarian needs of 1,35,200 people in five Indian states—Bihar, Assam, Manipur, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh where incessant rains have caused wide spread damage to lives and property. Oxfam India is assisting the flood ravaged communities with safe water, hygiene facilities, emergency shelter materials and other essentials.


According to information gathered from government data and media reports, over 4.2 crore people have been affected and more than 935 lives have been lost in nine flood-hit states of the country.


“The Centre and state governments have promised huge relief packages and funds for flood-hit areas.  At the same time, government must make efforts and press all agencies into action to ensure that no more lives are lost. Once water recedes, government support to create opportunities of secure livelihood for affected communities will be required,” said Oxfam India CEO Nisha Agrawal.


The government is providing basic food supplies but more is needed to meet the growing requirement, particularly for pregnant women, infants and children. 

With water receding slowing, people have been forced to take shelter in high ground for an extended period of time. Many have lost their homes while others have been displaced due to soil erosion.

One of challenges is preventing potential outbreaks of disease. Small but essential items like bucket for safe water storage, chlorine tablets, hygiene kits which includes soap, menstrual cloth, disinfection powder are also urgently required.

Assam and Manipur have been affected by fresh rounds of floods in August after rains in July. Floods in Gujarat are the result of a low pressure developed over north-west Madhya Pradesh which moved towards Gujarat along with the deep depression formed over the Arabian Sea. Rains have caused overflowing of rivers in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.


Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rainfall in the coming days.


Affected communities will be pushed into poverty if immediate relief is not provided. As the crisis continues, Oxfam India will work to support more people.



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