Jul 12, 2016

JIO MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival with Star in partnership with Oxfam India, institutes an award for “Best Film on Gender Equality.”


Mumbai July 12, 2016: In another first for the city’s premier film festival, the 18th Jio MAMI Mumbai Festival with Star in partnership with Oxfam India is introducing, “Best Film on Gender Equality” - a special award that focuses on the sensitive portrayal of women in cinema. 

The award is open to the latest Indian films programmed in the festival. The nominees will be chosen by the curators of MAMI and a special jury that will choose the winner. The award will be given out at the official closing ceremony of the festival on October 27, 2016.

Anupama Chopra, Festival Director MAMI, says, “We are honoured to partner with Oxfam India for an award that recognizes the importance of positive gender representation in cinema.  We hope the award will add to the discourse on women in film in India and encourage filmmakers to create and audiences to seek more nuanced portrayals of women onscreen". 

Nisha Agrawal, CEO Oxfam India says, “Professional film-makers across all genres have the ability to make cinema that can contribute to positive new norms about women and girls' equality. Indian films are influential like no other medium in our society. Over time, popular culture can change people’s thinking and behaviour.  

Oxfam India is a non - profit organization working to end the violence against women and girls. “

A grand prize of rupees ten lakhs will be awarded to the, “Best Indian Film on Gender Equality” that breaks stereotypes pertaining to women and challenges social norms that devalue them.

Smriti Kiran, Creative Director, MAMI says, "As a festival initiatives like these are paramount to us to highlight and bring to the four sensitivite cardinal issues such as gender inequality".

Actor Rahul Bose, Oxfam's Global Ambassador says, "One should keep in mind just because there is an award for being gender sensitive, it doesn’t mean people will be running to make gender balanced films. I think more realistically, an award like this will shed light on what makes for a gender sensitive film and what does not. It will alert people that there is something called gender sensitivity in a movie. I don’t think most film makers have that consciousness as yet." 

Other celebrities have also pledged support for the award. Actor and Oxfam Global Ambassador Gael Garcia Bernal says, "Films are accomplices of social change. They serve as catalysts, highlighting the tangent of an issue that needs to be addressed”. 

About the Award:

Oxfam India in partnership with JIO MAMI 18th Mumbai film festival with Star India has instituted an award for ‘Best film on Gender Equality’. 

  • Oxfam India, a leading non-profit organization, working together with people to end the injustice of poverty, in partnership with JIO MAMI 18th Mumbai film festival and Star India, has instituted an award for ‘Best film on Gender Equality’, 
  • Oxfam’s vision of a just world is where everyone can exercise their right to a life free from fear and violence. This award category therefore focusses on films that challenge gender based social norms, which lead to gender inequality, and hence to the global pandemic of violence against women and girls. 

The Indian Film Industry is one of the most significant influencers in Indian society. Oxfam India aims to encourage and recognize professional film makers who make cinema which promote positive gender norms and inspire people for a future, where violence against women and girls no longer exists


About Jio MAMI with Star

Mumbai - the financial capital of India is also the epicentre of the Indian film industry. The city plays a major role in the production and dissemination of Indian films and television programmes that is widely known by its acronym 'Bollywood'. In 1997, a group of film industry stalwarts headed by late Hrishikesh Mukherjee founded the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) as a not-for-profit Trust. Their main objective was to organise an annual International Film Festival which the film industry and the country could be proud of. Engaging film lovers from all walks of life across the city and country, MAMI has been organising the festival for the last 18 years and aims to foster a climate of good cinema. It is Mumbai’s only film festival that is entirely created and run by film professionals with several members from corporate India. Appreciation of good cinema, stripped off all the limiting labels of art and commercialism, can only come about through exposure to the best of films the world has to offer. The Festival is the first step in that direction. 

In their Mission Statement in 1997, the MAMI Board of Trustees stated, "We feel it is the need of the hour to disseminate and inculcate good cinema among Indian audiences. The only way to achieve this is to celebrate cinema by hosting an International Film Festival in Mumbai (birthplace of Indian Cinema), India's film and entertainment capital. MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image) is committed to start Mumbai's first independent international film festival organized by practicing film makers." 

For more information on MAMI and the upcoming 18th Mumbai Film Festival scheduled to be held from 20th October- 27th October 2016, visit the website:


About Oxfam India

Oxfam India is a movement of people to end the injustice caused by extreme inequality and poverty and ensure that no one gets left behind.

Collectively, we work with partner organisations and networks, and alongside poor and vulnerable women and men, to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We help save lives and rebuild livelihoods when disaster strikes, and we also enable poor and marginalized people to avail of opportunities and realize their rights. We enable members of the public who want an India where everyone can live a life of dignity, to speak out on big issues like inequality and violence against women.

Oxfam India’s programmes are currently active in the six focus states of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh.

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