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Save children from being failed and out-of-school in India

Save children from being failed and out-of-school in India

Will failing students improve the quality of education in India?

25 crore children in India will lose their dream of education if the government passes its bill to fail class 5 and 8 students. The scrapping of the 'No Detention Policy’(NDP) will leave children with no opportunity to pursue their education. You can help us stop the government from passing the bill. Sign the petition!

NDP ensures that children do not drop out-of-school and complete their primary education. It rejects failing children with poor marks in exams (competitive examination system.) Instead, (through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) helps student’s progress in multiple ways and receive quality education. Children intend to become more confident and aspire to continue their education. 

The scrapping of NDP will impact the lives of children especially from the economically weaker sections of our society who continue to struggle in their daily lives. 

We need your support to demand the government to improve public education instead of punishing children. Every child has the right to education. Let's all come together to help these children get back to school and ensure that each child receives the opportunity to attain primary education and fulfil their dreams.

Your 1 SIGN will help secure the future of children in India. Sign the petition now

We work to achieve the goal of universal, inclusive and quality elementary education.

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