Centre for World Solidarity (CWS)

Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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The project envisages a systematic effort of aggregating the Tribal households in to their own groups as per the constitutional right provided to them through the Forest Rights Act 2006 & 2012. The communities will promote their own Forest Rights Committees at the habitation level, their understanding of the Forest Rights Act is enhanced on various provisions in the act. Local adivasi leadership is vital in all times for asking their rights and entitlements. The project focus on demonstrating a learning and demonstration platform where the local communities demand and achieve their individual and community forest rights titles using the Forest Rights Act 2006.

Impact by partner

FRC leaders training on Provisions of FRA in 20 panchayats

  • CWS with the help of partner capacitated FRC members of 20 GPs of two Districts enabled FRC members to approach the local revenue authorities along with forest department and welfare officers for filing claims under CFR claims.
  • Knowledge level of FRC members have been enhanced on filing of claims

Facilitating submission of claims for exercising CFR rights over forest under FRA

  • 20 new CFR claims from Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts filed under FRA and pressure built for settlement of old claims submitted during the previous year.
  • Model indicators for sustainable forest management initiated in 2 villages in 2 districts.

PRA exercise to develop forest governance and management plan and submission for Grama sabha consent

  • 4 numbers of forests Governance management plan have been initiated in 2 GPs of each district.
  • FRC leaders along with all FRC members were participated and prepared the management plan accordingly to their resources and requirements.
  • Proper guidance has been given on the process of submission of management plan in their respective Gram Sabha.