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Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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Anhad (Act Now for harmony and Democracy) was formed in the first week of March 2003. ANHAD actively works on issues related to democracy, secularism, communal harmony, gender equality, women empowerment and justice. It fights for human rights and rights of the marginalised communities. Anhad is involved in relief, rehabilitation, livelihood, women empowerment, vocational training, literacy and education. Anhad celebrates cultural diversity and pluralism. It intervenes at the policy level and is a strong advocacy group at the national level. ANHAD is known nationally for its work on human rights and minority rights.

Impact by partner
  • National Convention on Promoting secular values, safeguarding Minority Rights organized with participation from 18 states and over 250 people
  • Meeting with secular groups in 20 states with discussions and round tables
  • 1865 youths from various colleges sensitized on secular thoughts and communalism