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Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2016 - 31 Jan 2017

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The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE Act), 2009 came into effect from 1st April, 2010 guarantees eight years of free and compulsory education to all children of the age group between 6-14 years. After six years of its enactment only 6.4% of schools are RTE compliant. As per the MHRD recent report, 3.9% of children (Male- 3.42, Female- 4.57) in the state are out of school. Last year new panchayat raj institution (PRI) members came in panchayat election and in this year school management committees (SMCs) will be reelected in the state.  

The SMCs lacks required skills for development of school development plans (SDPs) and tracking RTE implementation in their respective schools. There is a huge gap in the required number of teachers in the state. Teachers’ resource centers are devoid of proper resources and skills for capacitating teachers on pedagogic aspects. 


About the Project:

The project will improve learning level of children in 30 intervention schools by practicing work book developed on language and mathematics and capacitating teachers on pedagogic aspects. Children will be involved through Bal Mela and Gyan Mela for improving their non-scholastic skills and engaging them in activity based learning. SMCs will be capacitated for tracking RTE implementation in intervention schools and raising issues at district and state level. Newly elected PRI members will be engaged in school development and grievance redressal processes. 

Best practices documented from previous interventions will be shared in four different districts and teachers will be engaged in best practices adopted by teachers in other districts. This year five resource centers have been taken which will be developed as model schools for providing pedagogic support to other schools.    


Results to be Achieved: 

  • New SMCs will be elected in 30 schools in democratic processes
  • 30 SDPs will be developed. 
  • Five resource centers will be developed in Raebareli district.


Prior Achievements:

  • Government has allocated a separate budget of Rs. 50 crores for providing utensils for children to be used during mid-day meal. 
  • This year gram panchayat has received more fund from 14th financial commission under which with the influence of SSA consultant Mr. Ashutosh Gaud letter were sent to all Basic Shiksha Adhikari for including SDPs in panchayat plan in collaboration with SMCs.
  • As a result of collective demand from SMCs district magistrate has allocated additional teachers in all single teacher schools of Raebareli.


At district level (grassroots implementation):

  • For improving learning level of children work book was developed in Hindi language and was practices with children with the help of teachers. As a result of which, in ten schools attendance of children has increased to 80% and in other 20 schools it is around 70%.
  • Learning level of children in 15 schools has improved where 150 children from initial level came to middle level. 
  • 95 out of school children from Snake charmer community were enrolled in age appropriate classes. These children are learning with other children without any discrimination. 
  • In 30 schools school development plans were developed. In 10 schools SMCs have submitted their plans to PRI members for including that in village development plan.
  • 30 intervention schools are having active SMCs, conducting their regular meeting and raising issues of RTE to appropriate authority. 
  • New building and boundary wall has been constructed in Primary School Balapur. School has received three teachers also.
  • In Primary school Pure Kallu boundary wall has been constructed. 


Quotes of Beneficiaries: 

“I want to read a lot and become a teacher. I love teaching children.”


Case Studies/Human stories: 

In the patriarchal society, girl child has to face lots of discrimination right from the birth till she dies. With this mindset society treats them as doubly marginalized and creates a stumbling block towards her developmental path. Similar is the case of Nancy, a student of Primary School, Pure Kallu. She is from Jafarnagar Bahairana slum area of Raebareli district. She studies in class fourth. Her parents left her in the railway station immediately after her birth because she was a girl. The small girl was found alone in a wrapped cloth in the station.

A child less parent Naurang and his wife found her as a gift and adopted her. They tried to give all short of happiness and parental support to the girl. Her parents were from barber family (scheduled caste). They have transferred their entire property and wealth, whatever they had in the name of Nancy. Father of Nancy Mr. Naurang died in an accident when she was five years old. After this, his wife married to another person and went with him. After this sister of Naurang, Vimla Devi and her husband Rambodh took responsibility of Nancy and along with their three children (two sons and one daughter) started taking care of Nancy. They have enrolled their own children in nearby private schools but enrolled Nancy in government schools to save money spent in study of Nancy. 

Now Nancy is studying in government primary school Pure Kallu in the town area of Rarebareli. She is good in study and is in first group of children (first- Best, Second- Better, Third- Good) and is an active member of child collective. She is aware of child rights and her roles and responsibilities as a member of child collective. Along with other members of child collective she use to support children of second and third group in acquiring basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. She supports teachers in maintaining discipline in the class room, school cleanliness and beautification. Children of Primary School Pure Kallu are empowered to raise issues of child collective. They have raises issues of boundary wall, teachers, toilets, school beautification etc to elected representative and district magistrate. Nancy is interested in teaching children because of which in case of unavailability of teacher she use to teach children of class one. Nancy is a regular student in her class. Her dream is to be a successful teacher.