Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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The issues challenging these marginalised communities in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh are depleting forest/livelihoods, food insecurity, out migration for survival and exploitation as workers, poor quality and access to drinking water, dismal public health care services and depressing state of government primary school. Entitlements from the state such as ration cards, job cards, social security schemes for widows, disabled, and aged are all a matter of routine governance and difficult to come about. In a system (their patriarchal and stereotypical approach) which does not recognize the entitlements of a woman, single and widow women (almost 11% of the population) find it difficult to demand their entitlements of food, work and social security from the State. Challenges like increasing burden of managing the family alone, violence and insecurity etc always have a multiplier effect on existing inequalities, highlighting again the urgency of achieving gender equality where both women and men can take their rightful place in influencing their own development.

Impact by partner
  • In last two years, perceptible change has been occurred in the understanding of community on FRA and other government policies like MNREGA. Due to Samerth’s efforts 786 individuals have been able to receive their job cards, 660 people filed Individual forest rights claims.
  • Increased awareness of the community and PRI members on PESA, FRA and forest land rights as well as entitlement issues. Increased participation in the meetings indicated the willingness of the community. It can be assess through the way- series of procedures & processes adopted (as per the provisions of FRA act) by the FRC’s (& its members) & ERs with the community members that yields in providing land titles, as a result, 288 households got IFRs & three villages got community forest right (CFRs) claims.
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the community on management of natural resources for sustainable livelihood. How you assessed that?
  • Active Gram Sabha in 4 Gram Panchayats and regularisation of Gram Sabha. No of Gram Sabha happened. Participation and decision taken?
  • Successfully facilitated mobilisation of 1236 job cards of MGNREGS in the ten intervening area. FRCs are formed/reformed and activated in 05 villages, and they submitted CFR claims, out of which 3 are at SDLC level and two are in process. Also, in 4 GPs, FRCs successfully submitted 427 IFR claims, out of which 288 families have already received titles on 324 acres of land.
  • A total of 835 adivasi people got the employment in culvert construction, CC road, deepening of pond and of making wells in intervening areas of gourella and Marwahi. Out of the total, 343 baiga women and 234 baiga male got the work while other 100 non-baiga female and 158 male got benefit from our intervening villages.