Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

25 Feb 2015 - 25 Feb 2015

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SAATHI have 25 years of presence in Kondagaon block helping artisan community to develop their skills in order to strengthen their livelihood. SAATHI has also set up community facilitation centres (CFCs) in selected villages, where artisan can access basic facilities like electricity, upgraded tools, technical assistance to improve their designs and products. In the course of time, SAATHI recognize that the real problem with marginalized artisan community is not of upgraded techniques and market linkages but of no control over natural resources, which is the sole basis of their crafts and arts. Shrinking base of resources and its exploitation for short commercial gains, and that largely by the outsiders cause deprivation for the artisans. They have to depend on market supply and that too on exorbitant cost, forcing them to reduce their margin of profit. Since the local community has no rights over natural resources, they can’t exercise any control on its use and also can’t manage the resources in long run. Contrary to that due to mindless exploitation of forest resources for commercial use, mining and industrial purpose, the forest resources have depleted and further marginalized the community dependent on it.