Project Theme


Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2016 - 31 Mar 2017

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Joint Action for Self Help (JOSH) works by engaging young urban poor in the resettlement colonies and slums of Trilokpuri and Kalyanpuri in East Delhi. JOSH runs a Youth Resource Centre, where young people from the area are taught basic English and computer skills. These students are also trained on different legislations such as the Right to Information Act, Right to Education Act and other rights based issues. They are then encouraged to become active citizens in support of Oxfam India’s work on community capacity building and mobilisation. JOSH piloted the social audit model in education in Delhi along with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). In this phase of the project, JOSH will continue to work in Trilokpuri and will anchor the work on the objective of effective governance of school through community monitoring and grievance redress. 

Oxfam India will work closely with JOSH to implement the project. Oxfam India will have project management responsibilities and facilitate the collective together with its partners, to advocate for the effective implementation of the Right to Education Act, 2009. 

The overall goal of the current proposal of Oxfam India’s Delhi Education Initiative is to deepen community engagement and improve the quality in primary education. It will generate a demand for engagement, facilitate enrollment and retention, monitor allocation & expenditure of schools, tracking entitlements under RTE and will act to bring about a strong grievance system and ensure accountability of school support system.


About the Project:

Specific problems and issues exist (bulleted points) - Scenario if we do not intervene and work in the specific area (bulleted points): For eg. Illiteracy, girls not receiving education etc.

1.Schools lack accountability and transparency and participation of community in governance.

2.Lack of an adequate, time bound Greivance Redress Mechanism in the state and country


Specific Objectives

1.To contribute to the effective governance of 16 schools through budget tracking, community monitoring and grievance redress

2.To contribute to the increase in the quality of education being imparted to 3000 children studying in schools under the project

3.To ensure the RTE compliant schools through community participation and ensuring stakeholders accountability 


Impact of running this project

•Community engages in School monitoring and bring in accountability to the system

•Parent members of the SMCs able to contribute to school governance and subsequent improvement of the system through collectivisation. 

•People access Grievance Redress mechanisms and collectively demand implementation of the RTE Entitlements.  


Outcomes/Achievements so far 

Key achievements of JOSH in last two years of the project is given below- 

1. Empowering SMCs in schools -JOSH has been conducting capacity building trainings for SMC members in the project area. JOSH held widespread campaign to create awareness amongst the parents to encourage them to participate in the election process. Key achievements of the effort- 

• The campaign and efforts of JOSH helped in ensuring wider participation of parents. Over 3000 people were reached out to with information about SMC election

• The parents who participated in the election were better informed of their rights

• 83 parents filed their nomination for SMC election

• 36 elected as SMC members

2. Collectivization of SMC- JOSH made several efforts towards collectivization of SMC. This effort got a further push with the fresh elections. JOSH has already formed a SMC Federation, which has over 100 active members. 

3. Grievance Redressal- JOSH has made several efforts to ensure an effective GR mechanism for schools. JOSH used the space of SMC to raise grievances of schools. As a result government acknowledged complaints send by SMC members and took action, SMC slowly being established as Grievance Redressal platform and SMC members felt confident that their complaints were acted upon by the government 

4. Scholarship being issued to children of construction workers- JOSH held GR camps from 17th of June to 23rd of June 2015 in the field area, which reached out to over 1000 people. A total of Rs. 15,00,00,000/ was released by the Department of Labour due to JOSH efforts in this regard.  


In a nutshell,   JOSH has played an important role in selecting and orienting SMC members, mobilized community members and linked them with grievance redressal system, helped children to get their entitlements, and strengthen the process of community monitoring of schools.