Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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Since India gained political independence in 1947, protected areas and development projects like dams, mines, industries, roads etc has displaced millions of people, largely Adivasis. Planning Commission estimates 21.3 million people were displaced by development projects between 1951 and 1990 alone. There was no rehabilitation, and people of all ages were driven away from their homes, forests and agricultural land, to make way for plantations and wildlife areas too. Enactment of Forest Rights Act (FRA) with the objective to address the historical injustice to forest dwelling communities brought some hope. Navrachna started working on empowering the community to demand their rights as envisages in FRA to strengthen their control over forest for livelihood and sustainability.

Impact by partner
  • Under FRA, over 400 individual claims have been filed, and most of them either received title or sent for appeal to correct the titles.
  • 16 villages so far has prepared the CFR Claims and mapping of the resources, while 10 of them have duly filed the claims at appropriate level.
  • Village FRCs is trained in the process, and their block level federation is soon going to be initiated.
  • Dues of wages have been provided under MGNREGA to the community in 12 villages through active support of vigilance committee and cadres.
  • Resource and livelihood planning is initiated in 3 villages.
  • Capacity Building of community, their leaders, field workers, like-minded NGOs, and state level alliance has been done through series of training, workshop, consultation on implementation of NREGA, FRA, including CFR.