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01 Apr 2016 - 26 Mar 2017

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The project seeks to undertake right based advocacy to accelerate the process of implementation of the RTE Act throughout the country by through critical engagement with government to make it a political agenda, to build up the synergy among various state level organizations, for inclusion with community mobilization and awareness RTE Forum has brought the networks, agencies and organizations working in the field of education both at state and national level to strengthen the mass movement.  


About the Project: 

RTE Forum is a coalition of informal alliances of about 10,000 organizations across the country representing people’s voice and has been critically engaged with government to implement the provisions of the act at National and State level.  This year being the last year for all the compliances to the Act to be fulfilled by state will have a special importance in the life line of the act.  This year, the project will initiate process to monitor the implementation of the act through building up of its structure at National and state level, facilitate the process of capacity building of SMC across the country to enable their emergence as strength in support of the implementation of the RTE Act across the country.  It also aspires to train 100 volunteers across the country on various aspects of the law, rule and monitoring mechanisms to create a cadre to support SMCs, local organisations to raise the issue of education as the prime developmental agenda.  

This year the RTE Forum plans to strengthen their state chapters and come out with state specific advocacy agenda. Apart from that the Forum intends to deepen its linkages with other networks, mass movements, marginalized groups and thematic experts. It plans to conduct roundtables, workshops and consultations at both the regional and national level, working on specific issues like quality of education, formation and functioning of School Management Committees.  The Forum will continue its engagement with teachers under the banner of ‘All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF)’ with the objective of bringing teachers on board to deepen the movement. 

A stock taking will be held at the end of March 2017 to take stock of the entire set of compliances that is happening across the country with regard to Right of children to free and compulsory education act, 2009.  


Results to be Achieved / Impact: 

  1. Draft Report of VIIth  year Status of Implementation of RTE Act
  2. Meeting with key decision makers on RTE 
  3. Engaging representatives from mass organizations working for dalits, tribals, women and muslims etc on Right to Education.
  4. National consultation on Developing action points for National Education Policy
  5. Facilitating experience sharing of SMC members at regional / national level


Outcomes: We have so far achieved (Achievements):

RTE Forum have been successful in bringing together people from sections of the society (at the national and state level) and building a people’s campaign for the implementation of the RTE Act, 2009. Specifically, some of the notable achievements of the Forum in the last six years include: 

  1. 1. Constant tracking of the implementation of the RTE Act since its inception: Vice President of India addressed 6th National Stocktaking Convention and expressed his concerns regarding implementation of RTE Act, 2009. The Forum has been organizing its National Stocktaking Convention every year, since last 6 years (2011-2016) to take stock of the RTE Act. In the 6th National Stocktaking Convention held on 21 March, 2016 at Constitution Club 600 participants from 18 states participated along with prominent educationists, activists, leader of different social movements, Key decision makers and representatives of NGOs.
  2. Making education a political agenda in the General Elections, 2014. After the 4th Stocktaking (13 March,2014), the RTE Forum took steps to sensitize political parties and make them aware about the importance of RTE Act,2009- as a tool for development. The Forum organized different programs to mobilize political party candidates to make promises for implementation of RTE Act, 2009, in different states. IEC materials, posters and pamphlets were distributed for the same. 
  3. Initiating work with key decision makers and bringing them together on the common agenda of education. Since the last year, the Forum has started engaging with Key decision makers and political activists. While the dialogue with them started from Stocktaking Conventions where Key decision makers are generally invited for the concluding sessions; recently, the Forum has organised a Roundtable with Key Decision Makers on 31 July, 2015 where seventeen Key decision makers. They took note of the status of education in the country and promised to work with the Forum to improve the condition of government schools.
  4. Working with both Teachers and School Management Committee Members and trying to create synergies between them
  5. Since the adoption of the joint ‘Bhubaneswar Declaration’ by RTE Forum and All India Primary Teachers Federation (AIPTF) on December, 2012, the Forum has continuously strengthened the relation between teachers association and civil society organizations at National and State level.