Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG)

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Small Holder Agriculture & Climate Change

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 30 Mar 2016

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In Uttar Pradesh, women farmers constitute around 38 percent of total agriculture workforce. But, their access to government schemes and programs, mainstream credit institutions is very limited. One of the prime reasons behind the current deprived status of women farmer in Uttar Pradesh is limited access to and control over land.  According to a study conducted by Oxfam in 2006, Uttar Pradesh shows that only 6% of women own land, less than 1% have participated in government training programs, 4% have access to institutional credit and only 8% have control over agricultural income.

Analyzing the problems, it was felt that despite the very significant role in agricultural production, women farmer's contribution has never been acknowledged, recognized and rewarded. The importance of this particular issue of non-recognition of women as `farmer' has been felt and realized by several non-governmental organization, civil society organizations, farmer unions, media, etc. and they have been raising their voices from time to time. It was felt that there is an urgent need to strengthen these efforts to fight for the rights and interests of woman farmers in Uttar Pradesh. In the light of these needs, several NGOs, small woman farmer unions and civil society organizations have initiated a campaign named -AAROH- (October 2006) in order to establish the identity of women as agriculture farmers and to fight for their rights and interests.


About the Project: 

Women are having significant role in agriculture but still their contribution is unrecognized, unrewarded and unacknowledged. A Woman Farmer has largely been marginalized as far as the recognition to their contribution is concerned. There should be focused interventions to reframe the policy level changes in the governing system where the women farmers are recognized and acknowledged for their contribution while accessing the right as a farmer. The Women farmer should also be rewarded as a co-owner on the assets and products with equally responsible for a sustainable livelihood. Women Farmer campaign named as “Aroh” is led in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh in order to ensure the right of women as a farmer in the community and the concerned governing systems. The campaign is coordinated by the five regional coordination units associated for supporting the cause from the five different parts of Uttar Pradesh i.e, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Central Uttar Pradesh, Vindhya Region, Ruhelkhand region and Western Uttar Pradesh. The campaign is in Ninth year. The campaign has adopted the strategy to build access of information and extension services, lobbied with panchayats, elected representatives, government departments, farmers unions and civil societies for raising awareness and developing consensus to work for the rights of women farmers. The campaign also developed some studies on the status of women farmers, initiated dialogues for building a national/inter-state movement on the rights of women farmers and also demonstrates to highlight on the efforts of the women as a farmer.


Results to be Achieved 

1. Women farmers have improved the access to government agriculture schemes and extension services.

2.  Women farmers are able to have collective dialogue with the elected representatives. 

3. Public representatives are influenced to bring necessary Amendment in legislation

4. Women farmers are co-owners of the agriculture land. 

5. Aaroh manch strengthened & taking charge of the campaign

6. Women farmers have good representation at various agricultural forums at Block, District & State level

7. Environment is build for women farmers to exercise their land rights


Outcomes: We have so far achieved (Achievements):

  • The campaign has been able to reach out and seek support of over 250 MLAs
  • A state level Women Farmer’s Conclave was organized that was inaugurated and addressed by Agriculture Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh in the presence of over 3000 women farmers from across the state
  • A number of women farmer leaders associated with Aroh Mahila Kisan Manch were recognized and felicitated at Panchayat, State & National level by various agencies including Women Commission
  • Information’s has been collated, analyzed and disseminated with field evidences, to support based on the facts for the advocacy on women land right issues.
  • Recognition of woman as a Farmer in the media, civil society, Government and Academic Institutions has been significantly observed in the state
  • From 2006 to 2014 more than 1727 news, 20 articles and 30 success stories were published.
  • In 2014, Down to Earth, Gaon Connection, Farm Food  and Gramya Sandesh published articles, success & struggle of women farmers on occasion of “International Women Day”.
  • During Mahila Kisan Samman Samaroh organised in December, 2012 SDM Shahjahanpur announced that he will give priority on allocation to land patta on first name of women farmer.
  • DM Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, Faizabad issued a GO regarding land selling where it was clearly mentioned that any decision regarding land selling will be done by land holder’s wife consensnes and presence.
  • DD Agriculture Extention Shahjahanpur, Saharanpur, Meerut, Faizabad and Ambedkarnagar, Sultanpur condected seperate training for women farmers only.
  • In  year 2013-14, 50 women farmer in Ambedkar Nagar, 50 in Faizabad and 600 women in Sant Kabirnagar, Shahjahanpur, Saharanpur, Meerut received seed, fertilizer and other agri inputs by Agriculture department without any land holding evidences (Khasra or Khatoni)
  • In year 2013-14, 16 women farmers were called by Doordarshan Gorakhpur as a Vartakar in Agriculture & Women programme. Lilawati from Shahjahanpur participated in Doordarshan Lucknow. 
  • Doordarshan started programme “Krishi Aur Mahilaye”.
  • 18 women farmers accross the U.P. from Aroh Manch were invited in Pantnagar University for training.
  • 32 women farmers from manch became member of ATMA Governing Board.
  • 80 women farmers participated in Kharif Gosthi and 180 participated in Kisan Mela.
  • Exposure tour of women farmers of Shahjahanpur & Saharanpur for Pusa Institute.
  • 25 MLAs in year 2012 give positive response for putting the women farmer bill in parliament.
  • 11 women farmers of Aroh Mahila Kisan Manch were awarded at national level.
  • An Independent commission constituted under the project conducted assessment on status of women farmers in UP