Project Theme

Youth and Active Citizenship

Target Group


Project Period

01 Jul 2014 - 30 Mar 2015

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National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights is a forum committed to the elimination of discrimination based on caste.  A democratic secular platform led by Dalit women and men activists, with support and solidarity from movements and organizations, academics, individuals, people’s organizations and institutions throughout the country who are committed to work to protect and promote human rights of Dalits focusing on women and children


About the Project:

Specific problems and issues exist. 

•The awareness on TSP remains very low inspite of Jharkhand having a high tribal population 

•There is lack of voice from the tribal communities and civil society at large regarding violations of TSP. 

•The allocation, planning and implementation of TSP lacks seriousness and adequate attention.  

•The money meant for Dalits and tribals under SCSP/ TSP is either under utilised or used for other purposes / notional allocation made where beneficiary is not directly benefited with an additional focus. 

•No specific act exists on SCSP / TSP


Specific Objectives

Through  preparing community report cards awareness will be raised about the key challenges faced in planning and implementation of the specific schemes. Apart from this a selected group of CBO’s, CSO’s and PRI members will be capacitated in tracking of schemes from top to bottom. A national level campaign of Adivasi activists, NGO’s and CBO’s will be initiated which will become key stake-holders in ensuring effective implementation of Tribal Sub Plan.

a.Increasing awareness about the key challenges faced in planning and implementation of TSP schemes through community report cards

b.Capacitating of select group on tracking TSP schemes 

c.Initiating a national level campaign of Adivasi activists, NGO’s and CBO’s  for effective implementation of Tribal sub plan. 



Impact of running this project:

•More awareness on the need for proper allocation and ultization of TSP funds because of the pressure from Adivasi groups and policy impact if a central legislation is brought out on the same. 

•Community report cards on TSP schemes at the community level

•Advisasi community take TSP as one of their rights and initiate campaign for the same. 


Outcomes/Achievements so far:

•Monitoring of Ashram shalas and JSY schemes in Odisha and Jharkhand.

•Formation of a loss network of community leaders who are aware of schemes and policies through TSP

•Peoples campaign linking community based organizations and adivasi groups on tribal sub plan.  


Case studies/human stories :

Situation of Dalit – Adivasi Education


1.Status of Paharia (MVTG) education

•According to Surya Kumar Pahadia of Sahebganj,there are 215 schools in sahebganj which are running only on papers.

•Government is providing mid-day meal ration for these schools where not even a single student is coming for class, because teachers who has been appointed for these schools are visiting once in a month.

•The status of these school is really bad and money sanctioned for these school is getting diverted or looted by the elite administration.


2.Education Under The Tree

•Due to the police booth which is located inside the Rajkiya Mahavidayalaya, Majhipara. The  Majhipara school is running under the tree since 7 years.

•The students from 1st to 8th are studying under the tree sitting on the ground without any facilities for example blackboard.


3.Building of IIM

•Land acquisition of tribal land of Nagdi for  IIM.

•Construction of IIM through TSP money.

•Only 2 Tribal students are studying in that IIM.

•The TSP money which is supposed to be used for the development of the tribal community has been used for their displacement from their own land through their own money. 


4.Building of Ranchi University.

•Rs 10 lakh of TSP has been sanctioned for the development of Advance Science and Technology research Centre in which not even a single tribal student is working or doing any research.

•Only 3 teachers have been appointed for teaching 9 language courses in Ranchi University.


5.CRPF camp has been established in GL College Jharkhand.

•Since 8 years in the premises of GL college the Camp of CRPF has been situated, due to which various rooms of SC hostel which has been built for SC students has been Captured by the CRPF soldiers.

•Those who have not got the Hostels are living in rented house.

•Not just hostels they have also captured the library common-rooms, and few classrooms as well.


6.Grant in Aid has not been Sanctioned

•The SC hostel of Dalton Ganj has not received Its Grant-in Aid since many years, due to which the condition of that hostel is getting worst day by day.

•There are 300 student staying in that hostel but the basic facilities are not proper in that hostel. Because of the shortage of electricity students are studying under the kerosene oil lamp.

•There is no proper mess facility due to which students are cooking food in their own room where they are sleeping.

•Because the toilet facilities are not in good condition, students are going out in open field for toilet and other things.


7.“Harijan” still this word is in use in government.

•The SC hostel in Manika Blockof Latehar is still named as Harijan Chatrawas.

•It has been found out that not a single  SC student is staying in that hostel because of the lack of basic facilities like Toilets , Drinking water, Sanitation, electricity etc students have left the hostels and are staying in rented houses.


8.Students are cooking food by themselves in hostel.

•In a District of Latehar at Manika Block there is a SC hostel where around 50 students are staying but all are lacking basic facilities in that hostel.

•One of the major problem is that there is no cook in that hostel so students are preparing food by themselves. They go out in Jungle for collecting woods for fire.

•They have not received the scholarship since 2 years.

•There are no toilet facilities, electricity, library nor a caretaker for the hostel. 

•When complaint has been filed under this case the authority said they don’t have funds for the fulfillment of the needs of the hostel.


9.Lack of Girls Hostel.

•In DatonGanj the Girls hostel which has been demanded with immense protest in 1987-88 has not been sanctioned yet.

•There are only two Girls hostels running by Christian Missionaries, that also is located in the area where the illegal supply and selling of Liquor and other drugs is a normal daily activity, therefore these girls has to face the lots of problems. 

•The threat of molestation and getting raped is always there within these girls students.

•Some of the girls are staying in a rented house where they have to spent lot of money only on rent therefore it is very difficult for them to continue their study in such environment with various bad social and economic condition.


10.No ST hostel in Palamu of Jharkhand.

•Till today there is no ST Hostel in Palamu Jharkhand, previously government has tried to build a hostel but still that has not been completed yet.

•GL college hostel is still incomplete where CRPF soldiers are staying.

•In Redma a girls hostel has been built but because there is no compound wall it is unsafe for girls student of the hostel therefore Animal like Cow and Bulls are staying in that.

•There was a Hostel for ST boys at Redma Chowk but after the stoppage of Grant-in Aid for that hostel that hostel got closed.

•Due to the lack of girls hostels girls students are facing various problems, they are living in rented houses where many time they get raped due to the improper safety. 

•Due to the carelessness of the government these students are not getting scholarship and other basic facilities in hostels.


11.Why girls of Marwadi college don’t drink water.

•Girls of Marwadi College Ranchi don’t drink water because there is no facility of toilet in their college and they believe if they will drink water where will they go for toilet in their college.

•Many girls are falling ill because they are not drinking proper water and if they are they are controlling it due to which the kidney of these girls is getting infected.