Project Theme


Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 30 Mar 2016

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EFRAH was registered in 1999.  EFRAH works in urban rehabilitation settlement in Delhi majority of whom are informal workers including rag pickers, domestic workers, construction workers, street vendors etc.  The organization has formed groups of young girls and community groups who identifies and support out of school children.  The intervention strategy consists of building community level pressure through collectivization which also results in peer pressure on one hand and working with SCPCR(State Commission for protection of Child Rights) and other agencies.   


About the Project:

Specific problems and issues exist 

•Large number of drop outs and lack of schools and infrastructure in the area

•Large number of out of school within rag pickers in the areas.

•Young girls facing harassment and violence leading to drop outs.  

•Schools in the area do not adhere with Right to Education norms and standards


Specific Objectives

•To build capacities of the SMC and community to monitor schools and raise collective voice for proper implementation of RTE in schools

•To increase the enrolments in the area and hand hold rag pickers children in particular to access schools and sustain them through an activity centre.  

•To advocate for enhancement of RTE compliances at district level though evidence based intervention. 


Impact of running this project 

The project is expected to increase the awareness on the importance of education in the area particularly with the rap pickers and subsequent enrolment of presently out of school children and support them through out the year. The capacity building program is expected to increase the participation of SMC members and parent members particularly the school management committee members in the monitoring of the school.   The project will collectivise the SMCs / organisations working in the area and will create a pressure group to improve the standard of education and compliance of schools with relation to Right to Education in the area. 


Outcomes/Achievements so far:

•Created a common platform for SMC Members, teachers and civil society.  The SMC convention was attended by 30 SMCs, 30 teachers and 136 Parents / Community Members

•239 SMC members and teachers were given training on various aspects of RTE

•95 children of ragpickers availed the services through activity centre. 

•Fifty thousand signature (50000) was collected for #Haqbantahai campaign for proper implementation of RTE

•520 Grievances were filed on issues of water and sanitation, books etc. 

•A pilot school audit was held for 30 schools in South East District 


Case studies/human stories

Case study of Zareen

Zareen is the youngest of the 03 children of Farida and Sushil. She is 09 years old and is a school dropout working as a rag picker to support her family. Her father Sushil, is a handicap who also work as a rag picker in lives in Kacchi colony. Her mother is suffering from an incurable disease from last 06 years. The family migrated to Delhi from Madhubani in Bihar after her parents get married. 

All the three siblings were studying in government schools till 2012 but they dropout in the same year because of the deteriorating health of their mother. Zareen was at that point studying in class 2, while her siblings were studying in 4th and 5th standard. With her mother’s falling health the income earn by her handicap father was not enough to meet even the basic needs of the family. Therefore the children started rag picking to help their father earn some extra income.  

Few months back Zareen started to come to the activity as she has interest in studies but has to discontinue it due to financial constraint. Although she joined the centre, she could not attend it regularly because in most of the occasion she has to accompany her mother to Safdarjung hospital and stay there in the night shelter. Looking at her interest towards studies we are preparing her for mainstreaming in the upcoming session. In her own words she said “ I am very much interested in studies and want to continue my studies”.