Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA)

Project Theme

Youth and Active Citizenship

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 30 Mar 2016

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Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) is a policy research and advocacy organisation based in New Delhi. It analyses public policies and government finances in India, and advocates for greater transparency, accountability and public participation in budget processes. CBGA is the secretariat to the network PBI (People’s Budget Initiative). 

Through this project, PBI is prioritizing to engage with global processes and devise comprehensive strategies to take forward their national advocacy efforts by articulating their demands and policy-asks within the framework of Inequality in global policy-making fora.


About the Project:

In today’s unequal, multi-polar world, this project aims to ensure that policy-making processes in global institutions are influenced by civil society networks of emerging economies to take account of the needs of poor and marginalised people.  The specific objective is to strengthen the collective capacity of multi-thematic civil society organization (CSO) networks across Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Mexico (collectively referred to as BRICSAM countries) to engage in multi-stakeholder dialogue and influence global policy-making fora, with a particular focus on issues of inequality.


Impact of running this project: Increase in PBI and WNTA network’s understanding and engagement with the global policy-making processes.


Outcomes/Achievements so far:

  • Current number of active members in the PBI Network is 75 organisations and 200 organisations in the WNTA Network.  There has been a marginal increase in number of CSOs engaged in the network’s activities.
  • Members of PBI/WNTA represented the network in a seminar on ‘Promoting Equality and Socio-environmental Justice in BRICS’ organized by REBRIP in Brazil. The purpose of the seminar was to decide a plan of action and draw a roadmap before the BRICS Summit, 2014.CBGA also made a presentation to GCAP Russia on how the PBI/WNTA network is working on the different issues of inequality at the grass root level and how they can use their experience to advocate these issues in global policy making platforms.
  • The network in collaboration with the working group was actively involved in preparing and finalising the paper on “Tackling Inequalities in Access to Healthcare: Will the G20 Take up Global Leadership?” 
  • G20 Policy brief prepared by CBGA titled “G20: How Responsive to Inequality?” was disseminated amongst the CSO representatives from other countries in the C20 Summit. 
  • 5 policy briefs on issues of Inequalities and a manual on Inequality were disseminated among all the network partners and all key stakeholders.
  • Four Regional workshops on Inequality were conceptualized and organised with a purpose of strengthening the capacity of CSOs across the country to articulate the challenges and priorities of CSOs in global policy discussions