Project Theme

Youth and Active Citizenship

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 30 Mar 2016

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CADAM is the founder of  NACDOR is a membership-based platform. Its membership is open to all organisations working for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Minorities and other socially excluded sections of Indian society. It has evolved organically through a democratic process of creative engagement of the Dalit community with secular, democratic and progressive forces, civil society and governance structures at various levels in Indian Society. National Confederation of Dalit Organizations (NACDOR) is the apex body of Dalit Organizations in India. NACDOR is committed to an inclusive, progressive, secular, democratic and non-sectarian society.


About the Project:

•Specific problems and issues exist (bulleted points) - Scenario if we do not intervene and work in the specific area (bulleted points: 

•Exclusion of Dalits from social, economic and political life of the country

•Lack of voice from marginalised communities in Policy Formulation. 

•Lack of homestead land and agriculture land for Dalits. 


The project will have budgeted and non-budgeted activities.  The funding to CADAM is a core support and this year’s support will be utilized for developing Knowledge products by documenting work which will help in resource generation from local sources.  


Specific Objectives

1.The work of CADAM on Land rights, Budget, MDG and Post 2015 work will be documented for fund raising.  

2.Formation of a specific team to raise funds from Dalit Middle class

3.National Convention on Land in Delhi to highlight the Dalit demands on land.


Impact of running this project 

  • The project aims to provide core support to CADAM to document their work and initiate the process of local resource collection.  
  • This support will enable CADAM to continue their work on land rights at the local level and the National Consultation will highlight the issue at National level. 


Outcomes/Achievements so far:

  • About 8500 landless households submitted their claims in five states for homestead land.  Applications were collected during the Foot March which had been organised in different states. These applications were later submitted to concern departments and officials. NACDOR through its partnership with local organisation have been able to participate in the local initiatives, viz., and implementation of Forest Right Act, prepare records of land holdings by   Dalit and Adivasi community, prepare applications for land rights under FRA, training community representatives to participate and become members of grass-roots democracy, etc.
  • More than twenty thousand people participated in Land Right and dignity March in Delhi and submitted memorandum to Prime Minister of India. Participants more than 10 states participated in this march which was held on 6th December 2015. Advocacy at district, State and National levels are done. However, NACDOR’s efforts are significant in mobilising its target community around a number of their constitutionally guaranteed rights and entitlements.  
  • Land Committees were formed at Panchayat level to create pressure on the government through continuous dialogues and discussion