Gram Mitra Samaj Sevi Sanstha (Gram Mitra)

Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 31 Mar 2016

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Gram Mitra has been working with vulnerable adivasi group of pahadi Korwa and Dhanwar in the Kartala and Korba block of Korba district on the issues of forest rights, access to basic services, child rights and other relevant issues since 2010.

With Oxfam India support Gram Mitra intervention is to enhance the capacity of community to demand right to exercise control and govern natural resources for sustainable management and livelihood. 


About the Project: 

The proposed project focussing on ensuring forest rights of the adivasi community residing in 20 villages of Kartala block of Korba district of Chhattisgarh. Pahadi Korwa among them is most marginalised and solely depends on forest for survival. This year onward, the project also covering 15 villages in Ambagad Chowki block of Rajnandgaon district where the community is striving to get their forest rights for sustainable management of forest resources alongwith strengthening their livelihood. 

The project attempts to build the capacity of the adivasi communities in the project area to such extent that they can raise their voice and can claim community rights over forest resources. This is necessary to strengthen their capacity of managing the forest sustainably and to extract their livelihood for better living and dignity of life. 

This year, Gram Mitra decided to expand its outreach to the adivasi community of 15 villages of Chowki block of Rajnandgaon district. 

The key strategies this year to build and strengthen community institutions, particularly, the FRC (under FRA), Gram Sabha (FRA & PESA) and the village forest conservation committees (under FRA, PESA, BDA). Also, to develop village livelihood, conservation and development plan to logically demand the convergence of MGNREGA for livelihood development.  

Also, to strengthen the networks at different level, i.e. sub-district, District and State level for demanding proper implementation of Act, particularly follow-up of claim process. 


Results to be Achieved / Impact: 

The project intended to achieves the following objectives-

1.Enhance capacities of the adivasi community to claim their individual and community forest rights, especially of ownership over NTFP

2.Ensure the bonafide livelihood rights of the adivasi community through sustainable management of forest, as envisages in FRA.  

Awareness building on all schemes,/ policies at the village and district level to strengthen post FRA right specially those of PVTGs


Outcomes: We have so far achieved (Achivements):

The Mutual Help Group and other community institutions for project interventions strengthened in all 20 project villages. The group took responsibility to build strong understanding and capacity to demand forest rights, including proper filing of claims for individual and community rights. 

Block level network established of NGOs and community member in pursuance of forest rights. The group has organized consultation with govt officials asking accountability for implementation of FRA. 

5 CFR titles received by the community in Chowki block, but they are contesting it with authorities to include management rights to Gram Sabha.

10   CFR claim has been filed in 10 villages across the project area.