Social Action For Manpower Creation (SAMPARC)

Project Theme


Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2015 - 31 Mar 2016

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SAMPARC began its work in the year 1990. Through interaction and obesrvation skills, it found that education is a far-fledged dream in these villages and hence began work by initiating Anganwadi, which is now grown into a Marathi medium Seconday school named Grameen Vidya Vikas Kendra, with junior college upto 12th std.  Samparc has its own professional devoted staff to cater services to the community with its RTE developmental project supported by Oxfam India to upgrade educational standard and quality education for Children which is the base for any individual to grow and progress. Samparc also believes that Children are the future of our Nation as its beginning is from Balgram keeping Children in center and initiating developmental activities around them to develop the community.


About the Project: 

This project is the continuation of the last project cycle. 

The project began last year and has been able to reach to 4 villages covering 5 Zillah Parishad primary schools and 2 Private schools.   Good rapport has been built with teachers, Government officials, PRI members, SMC and PTA members with regular visitis and interaction through meetings.  Slowly, importance of education has gained attention and the community is shifting its focus on enroling children into schools.  Though, there is reluctance on the part of teachers to accept implementation of RTE, since they visulaise it as  a threat to their existence. 

To involve active participation of the women in the project, it is proposed that SAMPARC would involve local women and SHG’s women in SMC, PTA, Project implementation and Management committee and Village educated youth committee. SAMPARC would ensure that 1/3 participation of the women in these committees. 


The objective of the project is :

  • To empower School Management Committees (SMCs), educated youth and community members in 4 villages of Mulshi taluka of Pune district to effectively participate in management of primary Zillah Parishad schools as per the RTE Act 
  • To ensure 100% enrolment, attendance and retention of children from marginalized groups in the government primary schools
  • To enable community to liaison and lobby with government block and district level education department for effective implementation of RTE.
  • Strengthening perspective over RTE and creating linkages with different networks and campaigns on education.


Results to be Achieved / Impact: 

  • SMC, PTA, Facilitator’s and community members from  4 villages of Mulshi taluka will be able to initiate change and get actively involved in ensuring quality and access to education with engaging with government authorities in a sustainable way
  • School enrollment will increase with an approach of touching up to 100% in 6 to 14 years age group from marginalized families (especially girls), reduction in dropout rates to less than 10% with the help and engagement of school teachers. 
  • Creative and positive relationship is gradually developing with government officials to get direct attention & support by the department for proper implementation of RTE.


SAMPARC will facilitate processes whereby:

  • 50 SMC members and the 4 facilitators will gain  information and knowledge on RTE  through various training programmes and exposure visits.
  • Teachers will learn newer teaching methods to enhance the students interest in education and sustain school enrolement.
  • Communities will be aware about the importance of education and their rights through various awareness programmes on education and different components of RTE as their children’s right.
  • 120 stakeholders from the villages will actively participate in the implementation of RTE.
  • At least 25 SMC members will monitor the quality of Mid-day meal regulary in schools. 
  • Like minded organizations will come together and try to create a network on RTE.


Prior Achievements:

  • SMC members have understood their role and responsibility in the implementaion of RTE.
  • Awareness level of SMC/PTA has been  raised  with regards to the right of quality education which their children should receive. 
  • Enrollment of 50 Katkari children in school.


Quotes of Beneficiaries

•Manda Raju Valanj    (Age-30 )

Resident of Ambavane village,  “Because of RTE and its implementation we have become more sensitive towards the progress of our children and we have now started attending PTA meetings regularly.  Parents can become good support for SMC in the forthcoming days if the school authorities  implement it as per the government laids stipulations and norms”.

•Bapu Yadav (Age-45)

Resident of village Bhambarde, “Through RTE and its implementation teachers have now become regular in schools and are giving attention towards progress of children. The RTE street play has helped us understand RTE.  We are happy that the school drop-out rate has minimised and children are attending the school regularly”.


Case Studies/Human stories

Vinod Vishnu Jadhav a 12 year old Child resident of village Nive hailing from Tribal Katkari family.  His parents and other relatives all work as labourers.  His father was alcoholic due to  hard labour work  Their family income was hand to mouth and liveed in very poor l adverse condition.  SAMPARC’s   team member was able to convince and enroll him in school.  He went to school for the first time and he belonged to the first generation learners as his parents are illiterates.  He was enroled in Std. 7th based on age appropriate admission.  

This case has built confidence amongst the Katkari community in the intervention areas.