Institute of Social Development (ISD)

Project Theme

Ending Violence Against Women

Target Group


Project Period

01 Jul 2015 - 30 Jun 2016

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Violence is all pervading and its manifestation is not just in crimes against women but more deep rooted in social practises which discriminate against girls and women. 

In the aspect of violence against women, forty two percent women in the age group of 15-49 years are subjected to either physical or sexual violence in Odisha.[5] The state stands at 10th position with respect to crimes against women, 7th for Dowry murder and 8th position in terms of rape cases[6]. The White paper of 2014 of the Home department of Government of Odisha states that the crimes against women are rising for e.g. there are 1,832 rape cases in 2013 against 1,458 such cases during 2012. The concern is on low chargesheet and even more low convictions. The violent crimes against women have taken an ugly turn in the large number of instances of women being branded as witches.

Violence against girls and women is so grounded in the norms, attitudes and practices that exist in our society that we often fail to recognise it. Forms of violence such as sexual harassment are often justified and tolerated. Sex selective abortions, early marriages and pregnancy, sexual abuse, domestic violence, forced prostitution, trafficking, dowry torture, rape including sexual assault, denial of care, and abuse and neglect of elderly women are violence that still persist across the stat


About the Project: 

The project has an overall goal to contribute to the social empowerment of women by reducing the social acceptance of violence against women and bring a positive change in the policy and programme environments that perpetuates its acceptance at institutional and community level. 

The project has three main strategies

  • The broad strategies for the project would be focusing on addressing the cases of violence against women through the women support centre in close collaboration with the department of police. Partner organisation will also engage itself in developing a rapport with the department of police in order take forward the process of institutionalisation. The process will also ensure engagement with the media on various issue of domestic violence and other forms of violence that are arising in the state. 
  • Community mobilisation to build a collective understanding of the communities in addressing violence against women issues. 
  • The broad activities under the project are 
  • To provide support in a holistic approach to women survivors of violence which includes domestic violence, sexual harassment at work place, rape, molestation, intimate partner violence, false promises of marriage, kidnapping and abduction, trafficking of women and girls, cyber crime against women, sex selective abortion, violence with elderly women, child marriage etc by providing them with various alternative support services like – counselling, medical assistance, legal aid, shelter and  livelihood etc.
  • Build a support system for survivors through convergence of services offered by various departments of government or otherwise at the doorstep of the survivor. 
  • To extent support and cooperation in various form to the survivors of violence in the post crisis period.


Results to be Achieved: 

  • Successful functioning of the district level support institutions (Women Support Centres) established in collaboration with police department in Bhubaneswar. 
  • Provide support to women facing violence against women. 
  • Sensitise police officials on the issue of domestic violence and violence against women 
  • Community based groups are equipped to monitor the cases of domestic violence and are able to raise their voices against VAW. 


Prior Achievements: in  

  • During 2014-15 ISD has conducted vigilant committee trainings at the district level , conducted Marriage registration camps, organized Public Hearings involving the government officials at 3 district levels. 
  • ISD  during 2014-15 also organized mass awareness campaigns in remote locations of 3 districts in coordination with District Administration 
  • Conducted cultural campaigns to spread awareness on domestic violence  during 16 days of activism on violence against women and March 8th International Women’s Day 
  • The Kandhamal Women Support Centre has dealt with  cases of Domestic violence and have provided counseling, legal, medical, shelter and vocational support to them