Vinoba Sewa Ashram (VSA)

Project Theme

Small Holder Agriculture & Climate Change

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 30 Nov 2014

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Women’s are having a significant role in the agricultural production system but due to the prevalent society norms they are not acknowledged, recognized and rewarded socially and legally as Farmers. They contribute more than 2/3rd in the agriculture as they actively take part in the agriculture from preparation of the farm field to harvesting and storage. But they are still unrecognized community in the farming sector They are largely considered as “a helping hand” of men and are considered to play as a supportive role therefore they are deprived from decision making and control over agricultural production process. Women as farmers are out of the mainstream of agriculture development, agriculture extension programs as they are not able to address their needs as compared to farmers in general. Due to their non-recognition as women farmers they are virtually “debarred” from availing credit facilities from the banks and other lending institutions.

Impact by partner
  • 250 Women Vegetable Growers Groups are functional with total membership strength of 3748 
  • 2 federation has been promoted to take care of backward & forward linkages for its member base
  • 250 women farmers are doing vermicomposting. The total estimated production of Vermi compost is 2000 quintals per year
  • 10 Zero Energy Cool Chambers are operational with average storage capacity of 50-60 kg
  • 10 community managed seed banks were established and are functional in 10 villages benefitting 356 farmers
  • 5 vegetable Collection cum Resource Centers have been established & is being managed by women members. Apart from technical information the resource centers rent out tools and implements to needy farmers on hire basis
  • 93% Women farmer became more aware about government schemes
  • Taking land on lease by women farmers for doing vegetable cultivation has increased from 20% to 24% in the project period.
  • Significant increase in land under vegetable in Project villages
  • Vegetable consumption enhanced from 5-6 month to 8-9 months from own farm

Case Study

Name: Narayan Vishwas (40 yrs), Kshipra Vishwas (37 yrs)

Village: Ramnagra, Pilibhit

45 kms away from Pilibhit Distt head quarters, in Ramnagra Village, lives Narayan Vishwas 40 with his wife 37 Kshipra Vishwas and 3 children. Narayan used to do vegetable cultivation on his half acre land. Kshipra was a member of a self help group. She took a loan of Rs. 4000 from the group and started expanding her vegetable cultivation. With her half acre land, she took 5 acres for shared land holding. She cultivated chillies on 7 acres. In order to put a large amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Narayan had to take a loan of Rs.9 lakh. It was a huge amount that created a disturbance in their life. Unfortunately he faced loss in his produce next year.

Tensed with the huge amount of loan and loss in the produce, Narayan moved to Delhi to earn a living., Kshipra became group leader of the women of her area.