Vigyan Foundation

Project Theme

Urban Poverty

Target Group


Project Period

01 Jul 2014 - 30 Jun 2015

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Uttar Pradesh is having second largest urban population in the country after Maharashtra. The population in urban area of Uttar Pradesh has increased from 20.8% to 22.3% in ten years with 20%2of the urban population accounts for marginal workers.

The Urban poor comprise of various marginal workers including construction workers, domestic workers, seasonal migrant, homeless and people living in notified slum, non-notified slum and urban villages. Urban poor continue to face multiple exclusion from policy makers, elected representatives, government and duty bearers and not been recognized as contributors of city development. Urban poor have to face exclusion in citizenship rights, identity, basic services and are often remain excluded during census, city development plan and program planning.

Constitution provides all citizens right to tenure, security, access to efficient public services, social protection and opportunity of dignified urban life. However, National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) data indicates that 30% of slum dwellers have no ration cards. Urban poor are forced to live subhuman life and are always at the threat of forceful eviction from government and municipal corporation in the name of development. In the absence of proper identify proof they are often deprived of basic services and excluded from welfare schemes of government. Even in the census counting they are often excluded which leads to lack of inclusion in urban planning processes.

Impact by partner
  • During ID drive at Lucknow, Allahabad and Kanpur 1709 new applications were submitted for ID card in which 493 persons received ID cards.
  • In the project area 135 new Aadhar Cards (Female-45, Male-90), an unique identification card as a proof of residence were formed.
  • In the intervention area 64 smart cards were formed. Smart card is for availing benefit of free health services from government under Rashtriya Swasth Bima Yojana (RSBY) health insurance scheme.
  • At present over 6204 urban slum dwellers are member of “Sehri Gareeb Sangarsh Morcha” (SGSM) collective in three districts.
  • Inclusion of unorganized sector workers and civil society organizations has been ensured in revision of city development plan of Lucknow.
  • Forceful eviction of 10 slums of Allahabad and few slums of Lucknow has been resisted and demand letter have been submitted to Chief Minister for rehabilitation of slums.

Case Study

Male and female are two wheels of the society. Malfunctioning of either one can lead to create an imbalance. Hence such efforts should be directed at the maintaining equilibrium. Often in a male dominated society, certain incidents biases and crimes are committed against women who create a severe dent in the blame. In such circumstances certain people emerge as the role models who not only own the responsibility but become the change agents.

One such role model is Uday Raj Singh alias Baba who belongs to Haderganj of Lucknow. With his tireless efforts and judicial approach towards his work, at mere age of 40 years he created a niche of being ‘dedicated worker’ which become his identity. Having education less 12th he used to run a tea stall, but in 2003 after joining with this project his whole life take a u turn. From me mine it become ‘OURS’, his outlooks towards society, poor and injustices met by people made him realise his responsibilities towards society and he joined “Shari Garib Sangharsh Morcha Federation”, after which his thoughts got platform and he could openly address people.

Now he diligently is fighting for the cause of poor, getting them their rights. He has got 280 slums dwellers name registered in the voter list, almost 100 people got Ration card and got the villagers all the beneficiary schemes run by Government for them. Now he become a most respectable person and with lots of hope people approaches him with their issues. Day raj at the same time does not let anyone down. From time to time, he gives importance to masses about various Government schemes. Due his efforts and farsightedness led to the increase in numbers

In the year 2011 Uday Raj In front of Municipal Corporation staged project and gave in writing the rights due to the poor people to District Magistrate and Commissioner .The Government had to bow down to his demands and after inspecting the slums and taking stock of the facilities of Government. Installed two Hand pumps and from here he was look upon as the local leader of the masses. He apprise to take his fight at the national level and hopes to fight till the government does not agrees that poor are inevitable part of our society. Uday Raj with his fearless tactics, courage, and strong conviction has created a space for himself. Maya Devi calls him ‘Baba’ for them is a great “security covers’ who always motivates us to move forward.