Himalayan Action Research Centre (HARC)

Project Theme

Small Holder Agriculture & Climate Change

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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Uttarakhand with its fragile ecosystem is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate-mediated risks. In June 2013, Uttarakhand was severely hit by heavy rain induced flash floods and landslides resulting in loss of innumerable lives, property, infrastructure and the shock which is still grappling number of people of the affected regions. Uttarakashi being one of the 4 districts (Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Pithoragarh, Uttarakashi) which was highly affected by the disaster in 2013, it is quite imperative to map and address the issues faced by the villagers and farmers of this region & take initiative for livelihood recovery of affected community specially small & marginal farmers. Moreover, the economy of Uttarakhand is primarily rural and highly dependent on climate sensitive sectors like agri-horticultural and livestock sectors. An increasing variation in precipitation (both rainfall and snow), and temperature can change soil moisture availability, plant behavior, pest susceptibility. Eventually, these changes impact growth and yields in agriculture, horticulture and forest species.

Impact by partner
  • Disaster affected families of 10 villages restored their livelihoods.
  • 735 farmers recovered livelihood options through climate resilient agricultural practices
  • Income enhancement of 80% farmers by 25%
  • 80% farmers have access to climate resilient development communication through IT enabled systems
  • 80% farmers have access to markets & quality inputs through collective marketing & procurement by farmers institution prompted
  • 600 farmers are using stacking techniques, Poly house for nursery raising & doing commercial vegetable production in at least 0.25 acres of land
  • 60% farmers have soil sample analysed & are using balanced dose of fertilizers & organic compost/bio-fertilizers
  • 735 farmers of 10 villages have access to farm equipments through farmers resource centre
  • Strong & vibrant groups with good governance & effective working system formed
  • Better co-ordination & easy accessibility with government line departments, financial & insurance institutions, etc. developed