Project Theme

Transformative Women's leadership

Target Group


Project Period

01 Jul 2014 - 30 Jun 2015

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The 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution have institutionalized the participation of women in the decision making process within the three tier panchayati raj system and in the urban local bodies. Yet the actual participation of women is fraught with challenges at various levels. Established power structures have continued to operate, and women have more often functioned as “proxies” of their male relatives. This has resulted in a non seriousness on women’s issues, even in states like Uttarakhand which have provided 50% reservation for women in pachayats. The project seeks to promote intense and positive engagement of women in the decision making process in the state of Uttarakhand by addressing factors such as discriminatory social practices, weak political commitments, caste based discrimination, negative social and legal environments, family and household pressures etc. that impede their productive participation in the decision making process.

Impact by partner
  • 80 Women leaders of women federation participated in recently completed panchayat election. Result yet to be come
  • Women federation group filed 4 Right To Information to seek the information related to Integrated Child Development Scheme of the government.
  • 350 women participated in the celebration of women’s day programme and demanded with government for safety and security of women.
  • Filed 2 cases of DV act DIR • Police department and anti-human trafficking cell took the help of Vimarsh in rescue operation of 14 children and successfully all 14 were rescued.
  • Vimarsh became one of the members of the Vishakha Guidelines committee at district level.
  • In 20 panchayats awareness drive successfully carried. During campaign, pad yatra, wall-writing and slogan-shouting, were organised by women groups at village level. This activity will definitely impacting on the result of coming panchayat election

Case Study

Tara Devi aged 35 lived in village Thapla won the Gram Pradhan election in 2009. Being the member of Women Federation group first and foremost, she said, “it was my husband who motivated me and was always there for me. Furthermore, natives, especially women, were supporting her for fighting this election. As all women representatives faced problems, similarly Tara Devi also faced many hurdles. Tara Devi ‘s opponents had very strong support of powerful persons, leading political party having big money .The patriarchy of the society often pegged that a woman can never bring out changes in the society. Moreover, they spread rumours that only men can stand for elections from a general seat. Sometimes, it became painstaking to convince the voters that it is a misnomer and women too can fight on a general seat, the voters imbibed it and the results are in front of us.

Earlier, I considered myself as a common person but now as it is said- “with greater power brings greater responsibility” and I am standing up to it. “The way I deliver all responsibilities of my family equally I feel responsible for my new duties and will definitely carry out all my duties of my new acquired position of Gram Pradhan. We have been taking many initiatives at Gram Sabah level. In first meeting with the participation of all, we developed a village development plan. We have also created many opportunities of work for men-women and youth; will also try to create an environment for women where she feels safe, happy, and dignified.