Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES)

Project Theme

Small Holder Agriculture & Climate Change

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India is primarily an agrarian economy with more than 70 percent population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The poverty level of the state is around 33 percent which is higher than the national average of 27.6 percent. Uttar Pradesh is the most important agricultural state of India, not only it has the highest cropped area of 25,785 thousand hectares, but it has the highest number of over 21 million farm holdings as well. Uttar Pradesh has a population of nearly 18.6 crore, of which nearly 70% is dependent on agriculture directly or indirectly. Therefore, about 13 crore people are linked to farming activities, over 21 million land holdings and six to seven persons linked to each land holding. Agriculture is therefore the most crucial sector for socio economic development of the state. It contributes the highest share of 33% to the total income of the state.

Impact by partner
  • 1200 women farmers trained on CRA practices
  • 600 farmers adopted CRA practices
  • 3 seed banks & 3 support centers established
  • 400 farmers have access to agriculture inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, equipments etc.
  • 400 small holders especially women farmers are aware of the provisions of RKVY
  • 200 small holders especially women farmers access the benefits from RKVY scheme.
  • Community based monitoring system is instituted in at 2 of project villages.
  • 9 Farmers field school established.
  • 200 women farmers are aware of National Food Security Act (NFSA) provisions.