Chetna Vikas

Project Theme

Food Justice campaign

Target Group


Project Period

01 Feb 2012 - 31 Mar 2015

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Chetna Vikas was founded in the year 1985 by a team of young social activists who were actively engaged in the Sampurna Kranti Movement of Loknayak Jaiprakash. They joined together to form this organization that works for the empowerment and overall development of the disadvantaged section of the society on the values of peace, justice and equity. Chetna Vikas is founded on the basis of Gandhian ideology as it pertains to the alleviation of human suffering and injustice and the development of vulnerable people. The concept of Swaraj and Antyodaya are leading values for the organizational strategic plan. The founders have been keen to keep the environment and spirit intact even within smaller premises with little area of work.

Impact by partner
  • Complete the survey of all the 36 villages to find the eligible beneficiaries under different social security schemes. The community specially women are engage and involved to monitor various program/ scheme of food security. 
  • Federation of GARD - Creation of federation of GARD is aiming to reach in Block level with the village level issues from each village 4 volunteer are raised to be the voice of the community . Idea of one representative for block level was not accumulated because in the block level strong voice is needed and through 4 volunteer of each village concerned issues are notified in block level properly. In primary level village level representative taken up the issues of village where panchayat level volunteers taken forward the issues concerning in panchayat and lastly the block level volunteer carry forward the key one in front of block level official. In this whole process one chief volunteer of each village take major responsibility to follow up at every stage of work. 
  • District Level Network Alliance - A network formed in the last year at the Division Level is also approached for a well-coordinated approach on food security scenario and on advocacy initiatives. This network included NGOs of Santhal Pargana’s and also collated with Govt. officials to create a better networking system. It helps to raise issues directly and PRI are given responsibility to take forefront to address issues related life cycle of Right to Food. Issues which are addressed in such district/ divisional level meeting that is also forwarded to state level advisory of supreme court to taken forward in higher level . In Santhal Pargana Region a Network and Alliance were built with several CSO’s at six district on the issue of Right to Food campaigning and advocacy.

Case Study

Under project “Empowering Community, and Creating Advocacy Linkages for realization of Right to Food in Two Districts of Jharkhand and Strengthening Right to Food Campaign” Chetna Vikas has formed Gram Aahar Raksha Dal (GARD) in every project village. GARD is working for community based monitoring to help people’s right.

During monthly meeting of GARD on Aug 12th, 2014 members of GARD asked a question to Chetna Vikas field supervisor Pancham ji that before one year electricity department installed a 10 KV transformer at our village but just after two days it was stolen. We all members of this village met with electric department officials several time and submit application for new transformer. After our continuous effort department sent a 25 KV transformer to our village but they did not install this transformer till now. We met several time to officials regarding this. Can we do anything with help of our GARD? After seeing the situation Pancham ji suggested them to file RTI at district level and told them about process and provision of RTI.

Some members of GARD was not sure about their success but with help of field supervisor of Chetna Vikas they filled RTI enquiring, reason for delay in installation, person responsible for this and time required by the department in sorting the issue out. The village falls under Saraiyahat block and the petition was taken there. Officials refused to accept it by saying that the installation part comes under jurisdiction of Jarmundi block and hence it will be received there. This time villagers were not in the mood of leaving in between. They went to the Jarmundi regional area office and they were referred to district electricity office of Dumka. Again members of GARD went to district office where officials advised them to submit a normal application rather than an RTI but the villagers were adamant and submitted the RTI.

Surprisingly, In place of replying for the petition, the department sent a team of technicians and the transformer was installed in a week. Finally GARD wrote a chapter of success through RTI and now Dumarthar village has electric facility after around one year of long time.