Badlao Foundation

Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Jan 2012 - 31 Mar 2015

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"Badlao" means Change. The formation, functioning and development of BADLAO as a voluntary development organization conforms its committed strive to bring a change in society that stands for socially transformed qualitative state of self-reliance based on equity and justice. Badlao Foundation was born out of a contextual necessity. During early fifties, when Maithon dam was constructed on river Barakar thro’ Damodar Valley Corporation, 39 villages on the ridges were affected-some partially and some completely. Where houses were not destroyed, cultivable lands were submerged due to construction of that dam.

Impact by partner
  • There was existence of FRC (Forest Rights Committee) only in pen and paper before the project intervention. The members were not aware about their roles and responsibilities. After the completion of first year of the project intervention the FRC is working in 43 villages out of 55. As per new amendment of FRC the membership of the committee should consist of either 1/3 rd women or tribals. We have total 516 members in 43 FRCs, out of which 86 are women and the rest are tribal population.
  • During the second year of the project intervention we have been able to identify 70 SHGs who are actively working in our project area. These groups were capacitated to work on the issues of FRA. We have also initiated the process of networking with other local level CBOs. Apart from this, reputed local level news daily ‘Dainik Jagran’ covers most of our activities. Engaging the support of the local media in raising awareness is considerably broadening the impact of the programme.
  • Under the process of formation and strengthening of 55 Gramin Van Adhikaar Manch by orientating on FRA, a number of encouraging aspects have been noticed.
    • The responsibilities and documentation have been successfully completed once again.
    • Under these activity approximately 113 GVAC members of 4 Panchayat namely Tilabad, Karmatand, Chandana & Bara Sindri have been re-oriented on:
      • The progress of FRA claims,
      • The NTFP and Community Forest Right Act,
      • Role and responsibilities of GVAC
      • Lack of availability of Govt. Ameens
      • Inability on the part of the poor villagers to pay private Ameens to trace their land.
  • GVACs have been formed and 275 GVAC members have been made aware about FRA 2006 and they are now helping the village level people in filing claims forms and moreover, they now understand and guide the required documents to be attached for final submission of forms but not yet functional completely. However, the regular monthly meeting has not been ensured.
  • 244 IFR (Individual Forest Right) submitted & 111 have been accepted at block level.
  • 110 local resource persons i.e. 2 from each village have been identified & received training on filing up of the claim forms.
  • 3 Interface meetings were held with the government officials and the community where 155 tribals participated.

Case Study

Sadmuni Marandi lives in Chota Haripur village with her husband Bhima Soren and two daughters Amrita and Sunita. Sadmuni Marandi engages in agriculture work with her family on 1.5 bigha of forest land to survive. Her yearly house hold income is approx INR 10000-12000.

Bhima Soren is a secretary of FRC committee of Chota Haripur but he was not aware about his duty and rights regarding FRA. Sadmuni attended training program organized by Badlao Foundation team and got aware about FRA. She motivated her husband Bhima Soren to attend next meeting to know their right on forest.

She regularly started attending meeting on FRA with Bhima. Gradually Bhima got aware about FRC and about duty and right of secretary. Bhima got a chance to attend exposure visit on forest right at Gadchiroli (Maharashtra). During this exposure visit he saw the struggle and achievement of community. After returning from Gadchiroli he was full with positive energy. He called a meeting of FRC and discussed what he experienced with community of Gadchiroli.

In leadership of Bhima Soren members of FRC started meeting with block level officials regarding FRA. They strengthened their books of records. Bhima Soren contacted Mukhiya Mrs. Manju and briefed her about condition of FRA’s issues like filling of application of CFR and IFR. She agreed about the situation and assured to support them. Mrs. Manju participated in trainings and meeting organized by Badlao Foundation team and now the process of filling application of CFR is on process.

As a result of their effort the process for filing CFR is under process and community is following up regularly for it.