Centre for Social Equity & Inclusion (CSEI)

Project Theme


Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 31 Mar 2015

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Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion was registered as Trust by a group of social activists and academics coming together in Delhi in 2009. The members have been at the forefront in working on Dalit rights and rights of other marginalised communities for over three decades. The focus of its work is ‘addressing social exclusion and discrimination and developing and promoting inclusive policies and practice through policy research, monitoring, innovative pilots and advocacy in collaboration with civil society organisations, particularly those led by members of the excluded communities for equitable outcomes’. It contributes to building a more equitable and inclusive society by strengthening the voice and capacities of socially excluded communities and sensitising and networking with state and civil society at large

Impact by partner
  • Generating greater awareness in community towards Rights & Entitlements and clarifying requirements by schools
  • Regular Community engagements through CLOs for preparedness (for admission & for school)
  • Interstate Rules comparative analysis towards evolution of common advocacy steps, required interventions & required changes in government & school actions
  • Design, Development & execution of Compliance tracking & Profiling Tools
  • Strategy to form Local CLO Help lines in communities & Target groups
  • U.P. 2 state consultations, Government engagement & Clarification on reimbursement amount, 2 regional consultations and partnering with nearly 40 CLOs in nearly 50 districts
  • Bihar 1 state consultations, Norms & Guidelines follow up with State Administration and partnering with 11 CLOs in nearly 9 districts
  • Jharkhand 1 state consultation, Norms & Guidelines follow up & establishing of Total Vacancy seats available through State Administration and partnering with 15 CLOs in nearly 11 districts

Case Study

Discrimination- Voice from Community

Name, age and sex of the child- Ria, 3 to 4 year and Girl child

Family background – Mother Kiran is House maker and father Devendra Kumar is doing the caste based occupation of making thinks like Sickle, hook, reaping hook, knife, lancet, frying pan, iron spoon etc by iron. Devendra is earning around 5000/- to 6000/- Rupees in a month. The mother of the Ria is 7th class pass and the Father only up to 5th class. They don’t have house the basti where they lived is temporary it’s near to sari Rohiila railway station. They are selling the instrument at road side. Now they have only the voter card but not the caste certificate till.

Family history- their parents Migrate from Rajasthan to Delhi around 40 years back for reach of work and livelihood. Such a long time they are been in Delhi even after that they don’t have Identity Card and the caste certificate because they belong to NT/DNT community called Gadiaya Lohar that’s why they are very far from the many benefit of the basic need of life, shelter and health and education.

About the discrimination with Ria – Kiran was very fascinated to put her daughter in private school for good education. So she decide to apply in private school she find the school very nearby from her habitation. Its name is Om Prakash BAL Mandir Public School the school is Govt aided school. Mostly children from the aria going to same school so she also wants to send her child in same school. She doesn’t believe on the quality of Govt School. So in academic year of 2014 she applied in school name Om Prakash BAL Mandir Public School without the awareness about section -12.

When she went to school the principal was not present in the school so some other teacher talked to her about admission. Teacher just overlooked her and teacher came to know that she is ilitrate lady and belonged to any so called lower caste and community then said that there will be 10,000/- expense for the admission. She gets shocked how she can arrange the 10,000 for daughter’s admission. Than sarita who is a social worker in that aria from leds organization she taken all information from Kiran and then she make a complaint against school in MCD office at Anand Pervat.

After the complaint school call up to sarita many time and given threat also to her but nothing happened about admission.

Kiran still waiting for her daughter’s admission and feeling very hopeless. Sarita given her the option to apply in another school and even in govt school too but she is not agree to about that b’cos she feel child is so young and the schools are far acoording to her there is need to cross the road so she don’t like that school which are situated at cross the road.

Now the Devendra and the kiran both are feeling failed about the admission. They are don’t have no idea what to do they feel they can’t help it b’cos they are poor and they don’t have 10,000 rupees. They don’t have the caste and income certificate so they go with private school too; there are also so many expenses in the private school. Till the time child is not going any school in home only.