Naya Sawera Vikas Kendra (NSVK)

Project Theme

Natural Resource Management

Target Group


Project Period

01 Apr 2014 - 30 Mar 2015

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Naya Savera Vikas Kendra (NSVK) has been working in Jharkhand for more than ten years. The overall goal of the organization is to promote Gandhian thought and action to work towards local governance (Gram Swaraj), community self-reliance (Gram Swabalumban) and responsible governance (Jababdeh Sarkar). Jharkhand being a tribal majority state, NSVK has closely worked with the forest dwelling communities. Working with the communities NSVK has taken up their issues of access and control over natural resources.

Impact by partner
  • Apart from putting in efforts to build capacities of community on land rights and their rights as forest dwellers, NSVK has also established linkages with govt. departments through various meetings, district and state level consultations of FRA. Through this project, the organization has taken initiative to engage communities with government, invited government officials in Gram Sabha meetings and held the interface meetings Also it has emerged as one of the strong advocacy organization through engaging itself with various networks active in the state. 
  • 37 Number of meetings were conducted with Gram Ekai, 15 Gram Sabha, 12 FRc federation meeting and 56 SHG meeting were organized at villages to interact people with panchayat representatives, as well as partially engaged them in decision making activities. 
  • 5 state level programmes conducted on FRA and land based issue creating knowledge and advocacy with Govt. officials. This has resulted a good response and assurance of full support for implementing the programme. 
  • At the state level, quarterly meetings were held with the network Jal Jangal Jameen Bachao Sajha Manch. In the meeting, collective decision was taken to integrate the state specific FRA and land rights issues of Jharkhand with the national level land and forest rights movement. 
  • A compendium of relevant provision under TSP and 12th Five Year Plan developed in this year to generate a mass awareness among the stake holders.

Case Study

Village- Budhachanch, Panchayat-atka, Block-Bagodar, Dist-Giridih.

Approx 150 poor families live in Birhor Tanda, hamlet of Budhachanch village. Out of 150, 85 families belong to SC and ST community. Peoples of this village were completely unaware of their rights and entitlements. After various meetings and trainings conducted by NSVK in the village some people came forward to raise the issue and also conduct sessions with communities on FRA. Gopal Prasad, one of the social activists tried to draw attention regarding CFR in this village. He organized a meeting and shared the information on FRA and their legal entitlements under the law. Though initially the villagers did not believe him rather they had an idea that they were being misguided as they had the strong feeling that is impossible that govt. will issue any kind of land entitlement to them. They had taken FRA casually and thought that it’s just the wastage of time and energy and that it’s better to do labor work anywhere.

But NSVK staff continued regular meeting and awareness program in the village. They shared different IEC materials on FRA and books of FRA, 2006. Gradually people got aware about their right and provision of FRA. In this way after a long effort of community through gram Sabha and several meetings with FRC people got success.

As a result 26 families of this village got IFR claim and their struggle for CFR is going on.