Oct 17, 2017

Learning centres: free entry to formal education


“Education was a far fetched dream for us. Our daughter could have never been to school, had PRDTI not taken her into the learning centre where she has been trained according to the required education standards,” says Noor Mohammad, father of Madhu, who has been recently admitted to Government school under the Girl child education programme run by PRDTI with support from a Delhi based NGO.

Purvanchal Rural Development and Training Institute (PRDTI) based in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh is a civil society based organization that focuses on promoting and strengthening communities using a rights-based approach.

“We conduct a village level survey to find out the number of out of school girl children in the age group on 6-14 years. Community members and resources are being subsequently mobilized to arrange for a location for the learning centres. One learning centre is being opened for every 30 girls who have never been to school or dropped out. We appoint a teacher who’s being trained at regular intervals, provide them learning materials and facilitate their admission in Govt. schools when their learning levels are enhanced according to school standards,” says Kapil Dev Kesari, the chief functionary of PRDTI.

This organization has been running 45 learning centres in villages in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh to encourage free girl’s education through mobilization of community members and resources. These leaning centers are providing education to over 1350 out of school girls where literacy rate among females hovers much below the national average.

Community Monitoring Committees (CMCs) have also been established with members from the community, influencers and families benefitted under the programme. These centres are used to mobilise community resources for the purpose of the programme and also for counselling of parents who are ignorant to send their kids to school.


Madhu, a 15 year old now attends learning centres under Oxfam partner PRDTI

Name: Madhu

Age: 15 years

Madhu belongs to a Banjara family of 13 where his father is the sole earning member. Surviving a family of 13 itself takes a toll on Noor Mohammad, Madhu’s father, hence making education not a right but luxury for the family. Madhu was being covered under the Girl Child Education Programme of PRDTI and enrolled in the learning centre in Mohammadabad Tehsil of Ghazipur. She has attended the learning centre since 2015 where she learned the basics of education mandatory for enrolment in schools. She has been admitted in second standard in 2017 and she is attending school regularly.


 Pinki regularly attends PRDTI's learning centres

Name: Pinki

Age: 11 years


Pinki belongs to a tribal family from Bind slum in Mohammadabad in UP. Her parents work as daily wagers. Pinki was the one taking care of the domestic chores while her parents would be out for their work. She was the youngest of the 3 siblings who could never imagine her life beyond feeding the ‘chulha’ or washing the utensils. Parental negligence was one of the major barrier to her education. Her parents were being counselled at the Community Monitoring Centres where they were informed about the benefits of the programme available for free. She was subsequently enrolled in Badhaipur Learning Centre run by PRDTI where she started learning how to read and write. Soon she was able to comprehend basic languages and she was then admitted to the nearest government school. She is in 1st standard now and attending school regularly.