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      Donors help save over 25,000 lives in North-East India

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Aug 7, 2017

Donors help save over 25,000 lives in North-East India

Naureen Khan   /   Oxfam India

Since June, Assam and Manipur have witnessed incessant floods and landslides which left lakhs of people homeless. Thanks to generous individuals like you, Oxfam India continues to provide critical relief to the affected families. 

In Assam, around 17 lakh people were affected and 83 people lost their lives where as in Manipur, more than 19,000 households were damaged due to floods.* 


Oxfam India is vigorously working in the worst affected districts of Assam and Manipur.
Heart warming donations helped over 25,000 people get much-needed relief. 

To cope up with the sudden emergency, Oxfam India assisted thousands of households with dry food rations, hygiene kit and shelter kit to help survivors meet basic necessities.
 Beneficiaries returning home with Oxfam India shelter kit and hygiene kit after the distribution in Assam and Manipur


Immediate support can help provide critical assistance to people in need. With Oxfam’s regular giving program, you can help affected families recover their livelihood and build long-lasting solutions. Together, we can help people bounce back from disasters and assist them with rehabilitation. Oxfam India aims to empower communities to become resilient and better prepared when disaster strikes.


Gunedhar, Renu and Numolia
Aarati's journey

With regular support from kind individuals like you last year, Oxfam India's Disaster Risk Reduction program helped 2,10,979 disaster affected people in India to build healthier lives. 

Oxfam India is now also responding to Gujarat floods. We aim to reach out to 3200 households in Gujarat.

*According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority report and Media and IAG report.

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