Apr 20, 2017

Public Expenditure towards Agriculture Sector with Reference to Smallholder Agriculture and Women Farmers in UP


India’s countryside has come under tremendous pressure with respect to all the relevant macro-economic indicators in recent years. The overall change in the country’s macro-economic policy regime since the early 1990s, has had serious implications for the well-being of the masses in rural India, where majority depends on agriculture for their livelihood. The performance of India’s agriculture has been poor and one of the important reasons for this disappointing outcome is that this sector seems to have been receiving limited policy attention and inadequate resource allocations. It was expected that the State would take necessary action, through appropriate policy formulation and implementation, to protect the interest of the farmers, particularly the small and marginal farmers. By looking at the poor performance of agriculture, it can be concluded, that special and continuous policy attention would be required to cope with the crises afflicting the sector.