Jun 1, 2016



WHO: Initiative For Sustainable Development And Governance (ISDG)

WHERE: Advocacy at Regional Level

WHAT: The Study report 'India's Development Cooperation - Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Global Poverty and Inequality' analyses how to make India's development cooperation initiatives more effective in addressing poverty and inequality among developing nations.

WHY: India has been playing a proactive role in strengthening the socio-economic infrastructure, human resource development and capacity building in other developing countries. While more than three - fourths of India's foreign grants and loans were received by South Asian countries, almost two - thirds of India's lines of credit (LOC) have gone to African nations. India's development cooperation in areas like education, health, infrastructure and community development has the potential to bring about huge improvement in the capabilities and living conditions of the poor and the marginalized.

HOW: In order to be a major player in the field of development cooperation, India needs to revamp its development assistance programmes. More transparency and accountability, greater opportunity for Parliamentary and public discussion and greater accountability to the Parliament, larger involvement of civil society organizations, better availability of disaggregated data and availability of more resources are required to enhance the effectiveness of India's development cooperation initiatives. By making its development cooperation efforts more efficient and effective, India can play a positive role in reducing poverty and inequality thereby enabling the partner countries to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals.

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