Jun 1, 2016



WHO: National Campaign On Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR)

WHERE: Nationwide

WHAT: Addressing Inequalities through Equity Budgeting.

WHY: India adopts targeted budgeting (by way of initiatives such as Scheduled Caste Sub Plan and Tribal Sub Plan) that has been designed precisely to bridge the gap between the general communities and the marginalized like Dalits and Adivasis. However, these policies are fraught with diversion and the funds are not utilized effectively. The policies should be looked more as budgetary entitlements that are payable to the tax-paying community, not as charity.

HOW: Engagement with the Global Movement for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation (BTAP) and Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) has opened up avenues to look at international processes of accountability and participation. They have also provided the opportunity to bring Dalit concerns of participation in budget planning and monitoring as drivers of economic and social inequalities and rights violations. The need is to replicate a similar process in South Asia region and call for adequate participation in the fiscal policy planning for the marginalized. It has helped to strengthen the movement with specific tools and techniques and made our demands at the national level more concrete.

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