Jun 1, 2016



WHO: Centre For Budget And Governance Iaccountability (CBGA)

WHERE: Nationwide Initiative.

WHAT: People's Budget Initiative (PBI) is a network of 500 civil society organisations representing 20 states in India, facilitated by CBGA. It works to promote people's voice in the discourse on budgetary priorities in India.

WHY: The year 2014 witnessed landmark changes in India in development planning and policy processes. Fiscal federalism was introduced and it was still at a nascent stage. The budget processes needed to be made fully open and democratized for more active citizen engagement.

HOW: After the compositional shifts introduced in budgets in 2015, CBGA was approached by several organisations to shed light on the impact of these changes on different sectors. CBGA, and some core PBI partners discussed these nuances on several forums; organised consultations and press meets to help different stakeholders understand the new resource sharing and current expenditures. These presentations have benefitted advocacy organisations to plan their efforts, sharpen their advocacy messages for funding critical social sectors, and recommend policy measures to help affect policy change.

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