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Your gift will help us give a vulnerable woman a bright new future. One in three women around the world regularly faces some form of violence, often from their partner. We're providing emotional support and challenging perceptions and changing attitudes to help women and girls escape violence, fulfil their potential and make better lives for themselves.


How it helps?

With the loss of my right hand, it was really difficult. But the support I've received really helped me," said Mama Rasta

The threat of violence is a daily reality for many women and girls living in Papua New Guinea. Here, violence against women is very common and is considered part of life.

Accused of sorcery by a member of her community, Mama Rasta was attacked with a bush knife and lost her arm. Instead of being helped, she was exiled from her village and had to seek support from relatives. Now, through Oxfam's work, Mama Rasta has begun counselling and has been fitted with a prosthetic hand to help her start to rebuild her life.

As well as providing emotional support, legal advice and access to healthcare service to women who have been threatened by violence, Oxfam works with communities to raise the status and respect of women. This allows women like Mama Rasta to build a better future for themselves.

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Mama Rasta holding up her prosthetic hand

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