Mar 8, 2016

Community-Based Monitoring and Grievance Redressal in Schools in Delhi

Source : Oxfam India

Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight poverty, injustice and inequality. In India, it works in seven states. Oxfam India believes that right to education is important to close the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘havenots’. As a founding member of the Right to Education (RTE) Forum, it is working towards increasing people’s access to quality, universal and inclusive elementary education in mainstream public education system, with special focus on the Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and girls. In Delhi, Oxfam India supports Joint Operation for Social Help (JOSH) to establish a community-based monitoring mechanism for schools, improve the quality of education, influence the functioning of government schools, and campaign to ensure effective implementation of the RTE Act.

Oxfam in Action-Community-Based Monitoring and Grievance Redressal in Schools in Delhi-10122015.pdf

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