Jan 18, 2016

Activating Village Committees to Manage Forest Resources in Odisha

Source : Oxfam India

Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight poverty,injustice and inequality. In India, it works in seven states1. Oxfam India’s programme on Fair Sharing of Natural Resources is aimed at promoting tribal livelihoods, food security and environment protection, and control and sustainable management of natural resources by facilitating access to rights, like the Forest Rights Act, recognised by government. In Odisha, Oxfam India has been working with Regional Centre for Development and Cooperation (RCDC), an NGO, since 2010 to enhance capacities of communities to claim their rights, facilitate participatory natural resource management, conserve and manage forest resources and promote livelihoods.

Oxfam in Action-Activating village committees to manage forest resources in Odisha-180116-EN.pdf

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