Jan 18, 2016

Addressing Violence Against Women Among the Muslim Community in Odisha

Source : Oxfam India

Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight poverty, injustice and inequality; in India, it works in seven focus states1. Oxfam India works against social acceptance of Violence Against Women (VAW), which is one of the most pervasive and the least recognised human rights violations across the world. Through its Gender Justice programme, Oxfam India works towards enhancing women’s access to formal and informal justice systems to end violence in their lives. Oxfam India joined hands with FARR (Friend’s Association for Rural Reconstruction), a women’s rights organisation based in Odisha in 2009, to reach out to women survivors of domestic violence from the Muslim community. The objective was to increase their access to justice.

Oxfam in Action-violence against women and girls among muslim community in Odisha-180116-EN.pdf
Oxfam in Action- Hindi - violence against women and girls among muslim community in Odisha

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