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Apr 27, 2015
Foreign countries, aid agencies race to reach Nepal quake victims

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - International agencies and governments rushed on Sunday to send search and rescue teams,  ..

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Apr 26, 2015
At least 1,340 dead following magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Nepal

The Nepalese government has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas..

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Apr 12, 2015
Leading from within

The application of the 2010 RTE Act leaves much to be desired. But the initiatives at the primary school in Bada Lewa village, Uttar Pradesh, inspires optimism...

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Mar 24, 2015
Oxfam launches drive for edu to every child

Even though the State is claiming to have the highest budget allocation for education, more than 37 per cent schools have no toilet, 3,440 elementary schools still have single teachers and the learni..

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Mar 23, 2015
Full Implementation Of Right To Education Act

The historic RTE Act provisions for 8 years of free and compulsory education for all children between 6 and 14 years. Still 6 Million children in India are deprived from Basic Education which is their..

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Mar 22, 2015
'Right' drive for education

Bhubaneswar, March 22: A campaign titled Haq Banta Hai has been launched in the state to sensitise school students about the provisions under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RT..

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Mar 18, 2015
Oxfam India, in collaboration with Odisha RTE forum launched nationwide 'Haq Banta Hai' campaign

Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Bhubaneswar: Oxfam India, in collaboration with Odisha RTE forum has launched nationwide ‘Haq Banta Hai’ campaign to address root causes of poverty and inequality. T..

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