Oxfam in Srinagar

September 16

Central Srinagar, the worst hit area of Srinagar presents a picture of chaos, sadness and devastation. Some people live in make shift camps on the embankment and others are camped at rescue points waiting for their loved ones to return safe. There is zero-government presence on the ground, except for a few policemen at the Rambagh entrance. Those, who have decided not take shelter in camps are in immediate need of safe drinking water, food, blankets, solar lights and clothes.

The makeshift bridges over the breaches are dangerous and people are risking their lives each time they cross these. Uprooted electric poles, trees and cracked walls are can collapse any minute and add to the danger for people who are walking around the areas.

Due to lack of transportation or connectivity, we walked 30 kms on foot yesterday to reach out to affected neighbourhoods in Srinagar included Rambagh, Gogjibagh, Jawharnagar, Rajbagh, Kursu Rajbagh, Sonawar.

Apart from distributing relief and rehabilitation material, Oxfam is also installing a water filter at Rainawari Camp.

The biggest challenge is lack of information from the government. There is no data available on the affected people and damages. Even after 12 days of floods, people are still stranded in their houses.

Immediate Needs: Drinking water, tents, hygiene kits, emergency shelter kit, sleepers, blankets, woollen cloths, lighting facilities, masks to protect from contaminated dust in the areas where water has already receded. They also need food, medicines, chlorine tablets, disinfectants and water storage containers.