India has the world’s largest child population and over 8 crore children do not go to school. They do not have access to school or any hope for the future. Your kind contribution can help educate disadvantaged children today.

Children living in poverty may never get a chance to study without your help. Your donation will help them build a better life.

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Over 8 Crore children in India do not attend school at all. (Census 2011) Poverty, child labour, lack of quality teachers and school facilities are some of the factors why children do no go to school. These children want to study and dream of becoming a teacher, doctor and a distinguished citizen of our country. Before their childhood is completely lost, you can help these children.

We need your help to send the most vulnerable and marginalized children to school, provide gap classes to drop out children, strengthen school infrastructure and empower them to become future leaders.

"Your support for a disdvantaged child's education is the best contribution you can make, for the child, their family and the country. Be a part of New India"

Donate today and get 50% tax exemption under Section 80G.

Under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, donors can receive tax rebates for donations made to charitable organisations. The tax rebate can be claimed while filing the annual Income Tax Return. This is an immediate gratification to donors, as well as a benefit given by the government to recognised charitable organisations like Oxfam India.

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Donating to a trusted and reputed non-profit organization like Oxfam India helps you contribute directly to helping India's dis-advantaged children to 

1. Receive education
2. Get empowered through awareness of Rights and laws
3. Increase student/teacher/parents participation in school functioning
4. Improve school facilities
You can educate a child and empower our nation! Donate today.


1.13 lakh children benefited in 2016-17 2. Over 42 lakh supporters 3. Full transparency in how your money is utilized 4. Working in India since 1951 5. Monthly E-newsletter on how your support is helping children in India.
Oxfam works in the 6 poorest states of India to send the most vulnerable and marginalized children to school. And we cannot do this without your support. Help us continue our fight against inequality and build a better future for children deprived of their right to education.

Make a difference and give a better chance at life to the most vulnerable children living in poverty to become future leaders! 


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Your contribution, however small it might be, will help us fight poverty and injustice. We thank you for your contribution which will make a big difference in someone’s life...