Oxfam India is helping people from marginalized communities demand affordable and essential medicines. Your support will help people living in poverty receive life-saving medicines and healthcare. Donate now!

Without your support, people living in poverty will continue to suffer. Your urgent support will help save lives.

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Even though India has some of the most luxurious hospitals in the world yet over 46 crore people in India do not have regular access to essential medicines*. Every year, crores of people are pushed into poverty due to unavailability or high expenditure on medicines and healthcare.* (Source: WHO* and PHFI Study 2018**)


1. Nearly 70% of people in India cannot afford the medicine they need.*
2. Nearly 50% of children (up to 5 years) and women in India (aged 15-49 years) are anaemic.*
3. More than 70% of households in India do not have any health insurance or scheme.*
*(NFHS 4)

Your urgent support will help empower people from marginalized communities to demand affordable and essential medicines and healhcare. Last year, 6 lakh people received better healthcare facilities through Oxfam India’s Health program and Matoran was one of them. Read her story below.

When Matoran Khatoon’s daughter went into labour, she was admitted to a Public Health Centre (PHC). As Matoran had attended awareness and healthcare workshops conducted by Oxfam India, she had known about the access to free medicines and services at PHC, provided by the government. But due to the unavailability of the prescribed medicines, she was forced to buy it from a private medical store. Once her daughter gave birth to a baby girl, the nurse and ambulance driver demanded money for their services, Matoran being aware of her health entitlement, refused to pay. 


Your monthly support will ensure long-term work to provide health workshops, run awareness programs and do advocacy work with government to provide affordable and quality healthcare. Without which, people from marginalized communities may never be able to afford or receive life-saving medicines on time. Rest assured, your support will enable Oxfam India to help people in remotest and poorest parts of our country.

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Your urgent support will help marginalized people receive the medicines they need to survive. Help now!

Donate to make life-saving essential medicines affordable and easily available especially for the most marginalized and vulnerable people in India. 

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