Oxfam is working on rehabilitation and rebuilding lives. We are not leaving ground till the flood affected people get back to their normal lives and we need your help.

Oxfam is responding in flood-hit districts of Assam and Manipur.

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2017 has been a devastating year for Assam. Lakhs of people have lost everything, even their loved ones. Every month since July, people have witnessed floods. Just when people started coping up, another round of floods dawned misery on them. In October, 78,000 more people were affected. 

Even though the floods are over, people have nothing left to sow. Without a home nor basic human needs, everyone is vulnerable. Thus, it is in our hands to protect them. Together, we can help families build their home and livelihood. Together, we can help children get back to school. Together, we can build communities and provide them with clean water, toilet facilities and health care. Together, we can help our citizens in Assam build their lives again. 

Oxfam India is on the ground providing critical relief and continues to help people cope with this disaster. But we cannot do this alone. We need your continous support. You can make a difference and provide a life to uplift themseleves from disaster and poverty. Right now, people have lost hope and only you can give their hope back. 



While the flood affected poor people are driven to desperation, Oxfam's intervention shows a ray of hope that the aftermath of flood need not be this gloomy. 

We are active in the worst affected districts in Assam and Manipur and are working on-

  1. Renovating and installing elevated handpumps to supply clean drinking water even in high water levels
  2. Building Toilets
  3. Providing relief, shelter and hygiene kits for daily survival needs
  4. Providing counselling and phycological support to children and women
  5. Identifying new livelihood opportunities and training people to set up small scale shops or skill training

For this, we need your help. With as low as Rs 500/ month, you can help support 1 flood affected family and build a better future for all.

Your monthly support can help change lives.  Such small efforts help a lot! SUPPORT NOW!


  1. The aftermath of Floods has left the people in Assam without food, shelter, clean water, toilets and source of income. 
  2. People have nowhere to go and lost all hope to rebuild their lives during these times of crisis.
  3. Oxfam is working with the most economically weaker section people to get back to normalcy and make a better living.
  4. Your regular support will help ensure that people don't go without Food, Shelter and Livelihood in the coming months. And children have a chance to go back to school and feel safe.
  5. These people will be trapped in a cycle of poverty without your regular support. 

People in Assam and Manipur need each one us to come forward and help secure their present and future. 

They have lost their homes, as well as their agricultural produce, personal valuables and livestock, all of which they depended on for their livelihood. In August, Assam witnessed a loss of over Rs 2939 crores which is 15 times the average loss the state puts up every year owing to floods. The aftermath of deluge brings the threat of malnutrition, diarrhoea, water-borne diseases like cholera and dysentery, psychological stress and human trafficking. Drinking water and sanitation remain a challenge even if one is living in a relief camp.

The current situation in Assam is critical as people are struggling to survive and we need your help. Donate now to save lives.

Oxfam India has distributed food items in Assam to 250 Households and over 10,000 Hygiene and Shelter Kits in the worst affected district of Assam and Manipur. 

Our team is tirelessly working to provide urgent assistance for flood survivors to cope. The pressing need at this moment is to provide Food, Clean drinking water, Hygiene kits, Shelter to protect people from extreme weather and other Non-Food items like tarpaulins, blankets, ground sheets, and a specially designed Oxfam bucket that prevents contamination of water, mugs, mosquito nets and water purification tablets among other relief items. 

Your support can help flood-affected families receive life-saving support. 


1.Number of People Affected: 33.5 Lakh 
2.Villages Affected:
 3186 villages were severly damaged in 25 districts*.
3.Districts Affected: 
Lakhimpur, Jorhat, Golaghat, Cachar, Dhemjai, Biswanath, Karimganj, Sonitpur, Majuli, Barpeta, Nagaon, Nalbari, Sivasagar, Morigaon, Chiranng, Dibrugarh, Dhubri, Kokrajhar, South Salmara
4.Oxfam’s Goal: 
To reach out to 8000 Households
5.Reported human lives lost –

Oxfam in Assam

1.Distributed Food items- 250 Households
2.Distributed Hygiene Kit and Shelter Kit – 
.Initiated Public health promotion activities in villages in camps
Eight water filters
 and eight hand pumps installed in schools, communities and relief camps.
5. At the community level four tube wells (100 feet deep) installed to support 85 families in two villages in three relief camps and two  with proper electrification.
6. Distributed NADCC tablets for water purification- 57840+132000 = 189,840
7Constructed 12 toilets 
8. 153 hand pumps have been chlorinated and repaired
9. Oxfam continues to conduct cleanliness drive, promote public health and menstruation health management activities in villages

 *According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority Flood Report  


1. Number of Households Affected: 19,095** 
2. Villages Affected: 
39 villages are severely damaged and under water**
3. Worst Affected Districts: 
Imphal East, Imphal West, Thoubal, Kakching and Bishnupur district
4. Reported human lives lost – 19*
5. Oxfam’s Goal: To reach out to 65000 Households

Oxfam in Manipur

1. Distributed Hygiene Kit and Shelter Kit – 2,265 Households
2. Distributed NADCC tablets for water purification- 119580
3- Conducted 45 Public Health Promotion workshops and three cleanliness drives to help people live healthier lives
4- 33 washing committees formed for the mangement of WASH related issues in the affected districts
5- 10 water sources have been chlorinated and two repaired six temporary toilets  

 ** According to SitRep Sphere India and IAG Manipur 

Oxfam’s Response

Hygiene Kit Hygiene Kit (2 No.Bucket with lid and Mug,8 No.Bathing Soap, gms,1 Set. Sanitary cloth with Cotton rope and Cloth Bag, ORS / NADCC,1 Unit.Savlon,1 Set. Comb and Nail Cutter,1 Set. Other Hygiene kit )
Shelter Kit Tarpaulin and Ground sheet, Blanket /Bedsheets-2 Mosquito Nets ,Household water Filter and Nylon Rope.


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