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Floods devastate lives. In July, floods in Bihar submerged entire villages and farmlands. People were forced to abandon their homes, and lost their agricultural produce, personal valuables and livestock, all of which they depended on for their livelihood. People were taking their first step to recovery when a second wave of flooding in August made matters worse. The full extent of their suffering is becoming visible only now.

Having lost their homes and without access to clean water, they are particularly vulnerable at this time. Hand pumps are contaminated with flood water; open defecation and debris have become matters of concern. Stagnant water too poses the risk of water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, malaria and dengue. Oxfam’s team is tirelessly working in the worst hit districts to provide urgent assistance for flood survivors to cope. The priority is to make available Hygiene kits, Shelter and other Non-Food items like tarpaulins, blankets, ground sheets, a specially designed Oxfam bucket that prevents contamination of water, mugs, mosquito nets and water purification tablets among other relief items.

Number of people affected: 50 Lakh 

Total Number of Lives Lost: 117

Oxfam’s Goal: Saving lives, now and in the future

Number of families reached: 1,980

Target: Providing relief aid to 5, 000 households  

Geographical coverage by Oxfam: 

Oxfam  has carried out village cleaning drives in 8 villages in Katihar district.  

Oxfam’s Response

Hygiene Kit Hygiene Kit (2 No.Bucket with lid and Mug,8 No.Bathing Soap, gms,1 Set. Sanitary cloth with Cotton rope and Cloth Bag, ORS / NADCC,1 Unit.Savlon,1 Set. Comb and Nail Cutter,1 Set. Other Hygiene kit )
Shelter Kit Tarpaulin and Ground sheet, Blanket /Bedsheets-2 Mosquito Nets ,Household water Filter and Nylon Rope.





Image Source: Oxfam staff

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