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Too Costly To Be Ill

Lakhs of people in India especially the poor and vulnerable, do not visit the hospitals when they fall ill. Instead, they stay at home and live in their ailing condition. If only they had enough money for a two square meal, clean drinking water, proper sanitation and money for their medicinal needs, living a healthier life could become a reality.

With 3,000 rupees as an average monthly income in India*, a poor woman or man is barely able to meet their daily needs and send children to school. Paying for medical care when sick becomes very difficult. It would mean giving up on food or dropping their children out of school. And no parent should face such dilemma in life. With no access to affordable medicines, lives are being damaged, people remain uncured, and death is becoming inevitable.

But all this can change. Your monthly donation can help patients get the affordable medical care they deserve. DONATE NOW
*NSSO 2011-12

 How Lack Of Affordable Medicine Affect People In India?

1. Nearly 50% children (up to 5 years) and women (aged 15-49 years) are anaemic.
2. Over 75% of children do not receive a health check within two days of birth.
3. More than 70% of households do not have any health scheme or health insurance.
4. Only 21% of women in India received full Antenatal Care (a care received from healthcare professionals during pregnancy.)
*(NFHS 4)
We need to raise our voice and help people living in poverty receive the medical care they urgently need. Donate now and help children and women of our country to live healthier lives.

Oxfam India’s Access to Affordable Medicine Campaign 

In response to the need for better treatment, Oxfam India’s Health campaign aims to provide affordable medicines and access to quality healthcare facilities especially for the poor in India.

The campaign focuses on:
1. creating provision for affordable medicines and healthcare in government hospitals and Public Health Centers.
2. ensuring strong tracking of medicine and medical investigation to ensure its continuous availability.
3. ensuring doctors posted in government health centers to prescribe necessary generic medicines as per the suggestion of the Medical Council of India.
4. spreading awareness and proper implementation of the health scheme launched by the government. 
Your monthly donation can make our work possible. 

 Medicines Save Lives
Last year, 56, 118 people received better health care facilities through Oxfam India

Accessibility to medicines is the fundamental right of every person. It is a necessity, not a luxury. Through the generous donation from people like you, Oxfam India’s Health campaign has benefited people and Matoran is one of them. 

When Matoran Khatoon’s 30-year-old daughter went into labour, an ambulance was hard to find.  Matoran, 45-years-old, lives with her two daughters in Bhusauladanapur village, 20 km away from state capital Patna, Bihar. She works as a maid to run her family. Matoran managed a private vehicle to take her daughter to the hospital. Soon, her daughter was admitted to a Public Health Center (PHC) and was prescribed some medicine. The medicine cost her Rs 1,000. 

As Matoran had attended awareness and healthcare workshops conducted by Oxfam India, she had known about the free availability of medicines and services at PHC which was provided by the government. But the medicine was unavailable and she had to buy it from a private medical store. Soon, her daughter gave birth to a baby girl. When the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, a healthcare worker and an ambulance driver (who took them home after delivery) demanded money for service and sweets, Matoran being aware of her health entitlement refused to pay. 

Matoran in her village is now a member of Khatoon Majlis, a federation to “Improve health and nutrition status for Dalit and Muslims especially women and children”. Through Oxfam India’s workshops and awareness programs, Matoran is now able to raise her voice for healthcare services and actively participates in various healthcare activities conducted in her village. She is a role model for a number of community member especially for women who visit government hospital to receive health services. 

When people like you support us, we are able to spread awareness about healthcare services and their rights. Your support can help people get access to affordable medicines and healthcare in India. Your monthly donation will help patients receive the healthcare they deserve.

About Oxfam India 

We are a global movement working for over 67 years in six poorest states of India to end the injustice of poverty. We work towards ending violence against women, strengthening livelihoods of poor communities especially women, focusing on universal access to affordable education and healthcare and providing relief to people during disasters in India. We completely rely on contributions of people like you to fund our programs. Last year, over eight lakh marginalized and vulnerable people directly benefited from Oxfam's efforts.

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