Nearly 70% people in India cannot afford medicines due to high costs*. Donate to support marginalized people & help save lives.

Oxfam India is helping people from marginalized communities demand affordable and essential medicines. Your monthly support will help people living in poverty receive life-saving medicines and healthcare. Donate now!

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Despite being globally known as the "Pharmacy for the World", there is a monumental issue of access to medicines in India. Every year, crores of people are pushed into poverty due to unavailability or high expenditure on medicines and healthcare.* (Source: WHO and PHFI Study 2018)


  1. Nearly 70% of people in India cannot afford the medicine they need  (Source: NFHS 4)
  2. Around 70% of the household expenditure on health is on medicines  (Source: WHO)
  3. Most Jan Aushadhi stores have barely 100-150 formulations instead of the promised 600-plus  (Source: PHFI Study 2018)
  4. Healthcare is the 2nd most leading cause of rural indebtedness in our country

Your urgent support will help Oxfam India urge the government and work with the marginalized communities to demand affordable essential medicines for all. 
Last year, 6 lakh people received better healthcare facilities through Oxfam India’s Health program. You can help support more people in need.


Your monthly support helps ensure long-term planning and continuity in providing regular health workshops, awareness programs and do advocacy work with the government to provide affordable and quality healthcare. Without which, people from marginalized communities may never be able to afford or receive life-saving medicines on time. Rest assured, your support will enable Oxfam India to help people in remotest and poorest parts of our country.  Please note: No amount is small. Every rupee you donate helps Oxfam India make a long-term impact. You can cancel your donation anytime over a simple email or call.

Your urgent support will help marginalized people receive the medicines they need to survive. Help now!

Donate to make life-saving essential medicines affordable and easily available especially for the most marginalized and vulnerable people in India. 

Let's Join hands to demand #DawaKaHaq 

Monthly contribution: The generous amount you donate will help people in need receive the healthcare and medicine they need to live a better life. Your monthly donation makes an enormous difference and every month we will send you a newsletter showcasing how your donation have helped. Be a change maker. Donate Today. If you wish to cancel your donation at any time, we are just an email away. Write to us at


Oxfam India’s Vision
Our vision is to help create a just nation without poverty; a sustainable society in which people especially the poor can demand and enjoy their rights, influence the decisions that affect their lives, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. We believe in the “Right to life with dignity for all”.

Oxfam India’s Mission
Our mission is to help create lasting solutions to address the injustice of poverty by engaging empowered citizens to become active and supportive partners, advocating an effective and accountable State and building opportunities for the marginalized. We have to create a society for all, where equality prevails and every individual can exhibit his/her right to a safe and happy life.