Emergency Appeal - Gujarat Floods 2017. WE NEED YOUR HELP

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GUJARAT FLOODS - 12 Lakh people have been affected so far in 13 districts. 

Incessant floods in Gujarat has left more than 5000 houses in 800 villages under water.* Over 200 people have lost their lives*. Oxfam India is on the ground providing support to help families with critical assistance during this difficult time and we cannot do this alone.


On 24th July, heavy rainfall caused havoc flood situation in north Gujarat which has severely affected Banaskantha, Patan, Sabarkantha and Mehsana districts. Around 25,000 people were evacuated to safety. Since June 1, over 224 people have died due to lightening, drowning, electrocution or house collision

More than 10,000 mud houses have collapsed leaving lakhs of people homeless. Rivers are now over flowing destroying thousands of acres of agricultural land. Children and families have no food, shelter or clean drinking water. They are exposed to water-borne diseases and are forced to open-defecate. They are trapped as floods have damaged roads and railways.

Affected children and families in Gujarat need your help. Donate now and save thousands of lives.

As Gujarat continues to witness heavy rainfall, people are struggling to attain basic nesscities for survival. They are in urgent need of dry ration, hygiene & shelter kits, access to safe drinking water and safety measures for health.


Oxfam’s team is tirelessly working in the worst hit districts to provide urgent assistance for flood survivors to cope. The pressing need at this moment is to provide Food, Clean drinking water, Hygiene kits, Shelter to protect people from extreme weather and other Non-Food items like tarpaulins, blankets, ground sheets, and a specially designed Oxfam bucket that prevents contamination of water, mugs, mosquito nets and water purification tablets among other relief items. 

Your support can help families receive lifesaving support. 


1.Number of People Affected so far : 12 Lakh*
2.Villages Affected: 800 villages under water*.
3.Districts Affected: Banaskantha, Patan, Sabarkantha, Mehsana, Surendra nagar, Dhanera, Deesa and Ahmedabad
4.Reported human lives lost – 224*
Oxfam’s Goal: To reach out to 3200 Households
*Inter Agency Groups (IAGs)-Gujarat, Medias

 Oxfam in Gujarat

 1. 60,000 NADCC tablets for water purification were distributed to the affected communities.
 2. Distribution of safe drinking water through water tankers initiated in 8000 people of Patan.
Distributed Hygiene Kit and Shelter Kit – 1000
4. Conducting 
Public health promotion activities


Oxfam’s Response

Hygiene KitHygiene Kit (2 No.Bucket with lid and Mug,8 No.Bathing Soap, gms,1 Set. Sanitary cloth with Cotton rope and Cloth Bag, ORS / NADCC,1 Unit.Savlon,1 Set. Comb and Nail Cutter,1 Set. Other Hygiene kit )
Shelter KitTarpaulin and Ground sheet, Blanket /Bedsheets-2 Mosquito Nets ,Household water Filter and Nylon Rope.