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Financial Information

As an organisation working towards addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality since 1951, we are committed to being 100% transparent in our work to our donors, partners, supporters, and the communities we work with. We know it’s important to you that your generous donation is spent wisely with maximum impact on the lives of people affected by humanitarian disasters, poverty and injustice and It’s important for us too.
Rest assured, Oxfam India is a completely transparent, accountable and responsible organization and we value our partners and supporters immensely and lay complete transparency in how we use your funds.
It’s because of supporters like you, Oxfam India is able to make a significant change to the lives of lakhs of people in need.

For every rupee received, 75% goes on our core programme work, 16% is spent generating future funds and 9% is spent on administration and governance. 

a) 75%: Ensures we can provide:
1. Humanitarian response during Emergencies and natural disasters.
2. Long-term development programmes around Education, Health, Gender Justice, Land reforms and Water governance. 
3. Campaigning and advocacy that changes the policies and practices which cause poverty and inequality in the first place.

b) 16%: Ensures we are doing everything we can to raise funds from different types of donors and to let the public know about our work. This has a high return on investment because it encourages people to support what we do, meaning we can reach even more people from marginalized communities.

c) 9%: Ensures we work in the most effective and efficient way, and that the money donated is spent wisely. Our financial reporting is carried out to the highest international standards and our full set of independently audited accounts are available below.

financial information oxfam india

We believe that we are fully accountable to all our donors who support our work generously. In order to achieve complete transparency and accountability, we get audited by one of the big 4 annually and also publish an annual report on our website with details about our audited balance sheet, salaries and other expenses. Our statutory Auditors are KPMG and our Internal Auditors are Grant Thornton.

Please click here to view our audited annual reports- ANNUAL REPORTS



It’s important for us to keep in regular touch and keep our supporters informed about the work we do in order to generate more awareness and mobilize people on the causes we work for. We believe in treating our supporters and partners an important and integral part of our daily work. 
Being an Oxfam supporter, you will receive-
• Monthly E-newsletter with updates about our work and the impact your donation helped create
• Audited annual report
• Project report (in case of corporate partners)
• Daily updates on our official social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. 

Should you have any queries related to our work, process or donation receipts, please feel free to reach out to – friendsofoxfam@oxfamindia.org

• Oxfam India is a not-for-profit organization registered under Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013. While Oxfam has been present in India for 67 years it was formed as an India entity in its current form in 2008. Oxfam India is led and managed by a completely Indian staff. 
• Oxfam India is a member of the global confederation of 20 Oxfam’s and has a very eminent advisory board. Oxfam India's Board of Directors comprises of experts from various sectors with wide based interest’ and knowledge of social development issues consisting of stalwarts like Kiran Karnik, Mridula Bajaj, Gagan Sethi among others. The Board is chaired by Mr Kiran Karnik, a renowned policy and strategy analyst, who has had a long and distinguished career. He was President of NASSCOM and the Managing Director of Discovery Network in India. He has been a member of many key government committees and is presently a member of the Scientific Advisory Council to Prime Minister. Know more 
• Our statutory Auditors are KPMG and our Internal Auditors are Grant Thornton