Jul 14, 2016

Women farmers are still fighting for recognition and right to land ownership

Joint ownership of land will empower women farmers, making them more independent and confident of their self-worth.

Suresho is today known as the "tractor lady" in her village of Saharanpur. However, her journey to be recognised as a farmer, like many other women, was not easy. Even though 70% women are engaged in agricultural activities across India, yet they are not legally recognised as farmers. When it comes to recognition and ownership of land, it is still a man's domain.

Oxfam India has partnered in the AAROH campaign which is fighting for rights of women farmers, including joint ownership of land. In most of the villages, it is the women who are the ones taking care of the household and also ploughing fields and harvesting crops. The men here are mostly migrant workers and so are away at work the whole day round. Hence, for these women being recognised as farmers is their rightful claim. 

Legal recognition and joint ownership of land will help make women farmers more independent and confident of their self-worth. It is this ultimate goal that AAROH hopes to achieve.

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