May 27, 2016

8 things that make our bucket life-changing

We know that clean water saves lives, but in order to access it, people need to be able to safely transport and store it. That’s why a better bucket makes all the difference.

So what makes the “Oxfam bucket” so innovative?

1. A handy tap so that people can get water without having to dip dirty hands or bowls into it.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Oxfam is providing clean water, toilets and hygiene classes to children in Port Loko's Educaid primary school. The facilities include a solar powered water pump, tap stands and toilet blocks for both male and female students. Photo: Tommy Trenchard/ Oxfam

2. A tight-fitting lid that keeps water in and keep insects, germs, and dirt out.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Clean water can be crucial to preventing the spread of disease. Here, the Oxfam bucket is being used for handwashing to prevent the spread of cholera in Sierra Leone. Jane Beesley/Oxfam

3. At 3.7 gallons, it’s the perfect size.

It holds a lot of water, but it’s not too heavy when full.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Brother and sister Kapr and Isatu Kargbo are both Ebola survivors who received buckets, soap, and water purification tablets from Oxfam. Photo: Michelle Curran/Oxfam

4. It’s smooth and spike free on the bottom so that people can comfortably carry it on their heads.

This is especially important for families who have to walk long distances every day to fetch clean water.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Oxfam buckets ready for distribution after the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines. Jire Carreon/Oxfam

5. It’s made of durable UV-resistant plastic that won’t deteriorate in harsh sunlight.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

A boy in Sierra Leone washes his hands. Will Wintercross / Oxfam

6. Stackable for easy distribution in large numbers.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Refugees in South Sudan line up to receive buckets and soap as part of Oxfam's public health campaign in the camp. Alun McDonald

7. It’s easy to clean thanks to curved edges at the base that prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Oxfam: Water sanitation and hygiene

Oxfam is providing water and sanitation facilities to refugees living in informal tent settlements in Lebanon and Jordan. Photo: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

8. A built-in cap allows people to pour in water without removing the lid, preventing contamination.

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Written by Oxfam staff

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