7 things we hear everyday on gender norms

It’s time to acknowledge that social attitudes, behaviours and practices (social norms) are fuelling extreme gender inequality.

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 The 7 things we hear everyday on gender norms. Have you ever said them? Find out. http://bit.ly/1QZIaYU

These 7 things we hear on gender norms. Time to take action against it. Take the pledge. http://bit.ly/1QZIaYU

1. “Do what I tell you, my word is the final one”:

The age-old belief that a man has the right to assert power over a woman and is socially superior.

gender norms 

2. “Stop arguing with me or else” -- *slap*:

A man has a right to “correct” or discipline female behaviour. There are times when a woman deserves to be beaten.

gender norms

3. “My father or grandfather will take the final decision”:

The patriarchal set-up of our society has ensured that a man is considered to be the head of the family. All-important family decisions are not made without their consent. 

gender norms 

4. “I wish our first child is a boy”:

The wish of having a boy more than a girl so that the family lineage continues is a prevalent attitude. Girls are considered a financial burden by parents.

gender norms 

5. “You are a daughter; you have no right over this house”:

Women and girls are not entitled to land or family property because it is a social belief that they will get married and go to another home. The sons inherit the property.  

gender norms 

6. “It’s 7pm. Why are you still outside? Get home now!”:

It is a common practice that girls and women are expected to come back home before sundown due to the fear of harassment and violence.

gender norms 

7. “Why is dinner not ready yet?”:

The women of a household are always looked at for serving hot meals or cleaning up after everyone is done eating. It is also a common practice that women would eat after everyone has eaten. 

gender norms

As Indians we have accepted these statements as part our everyday life. We look for solutions in others or the ‘system’.


It’s time we start changing ourselves, it’s time YOU take action! Sign the pledge.








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